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A subject guide for conducting research in the field of Communication.

Finding Books, eBooks, Video, Articles, Archival Material & More

EBSCO Discovery Search (aka EDS) is our all-in-one "discovery layer" which searches across the 5 college library catalog, our local digital repositories, as well as many (not all) of our subscription databases.


To find out more about how to use EDS, check out these instructional videos
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Subject Searches

Like most U.S. academic libraries, the UMass Amherst Libraries uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system of subject headings, each of which has a unique call number range. Communication and Mass Media occupy P87-96; within that range, Interpersonal communication is at P94.7, and oral communication and speech are between at P95-95.6

Communication is an interdisciplinary topic, so relevant material will be found throughout the library. Here's a list of some broad subjects that you can try using the Subject Terms dropdown in Advanced Search. Try other Subject searches and combinations based on these examples.

Topics in Cultural Studies

body image in women globalization social aspects
culture conflict hindu diaspora
culture diffusion mass media and culture
culture philosophy nationalism
decolonization in literature social change
discourse analysis  


Topics in Mass Media Industry/Production/Legislation

animated television program motion pictures greece
advertising, political motion pictures japan
digital television motion picture actors and actresses india
documentary television programs music videos
intellectual property reality television
interactive multimedia talk shows
internet law and legislation technology political aspects
jews in the motion picture industry television and children
journalism objectivity television advertising united states
mass media audiences television censorship
mass media economic aspects television law and legislation united states
motion picture industry video recordings production and direction
motion picture plays -- history and criticism women in the motion picture industry


Topics in Interpersonal Communication

communication in education gesture
communication in politics intercultural communication
conflict psychology social interaction


Topics in Mass Media Representation/Influence 

african americans in motion pictures television broadcasting social aspects
masculinity television criticism
mass media moral and ethical aspects television viewers
mass media social aspects television viewers argentina
media literacy video games
motion picture audiences violence on television
sex role on television visual literacy
television and children