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UMass Amherst Libraries


Growing healthier communities based on sustainable energy use, agricultural production, building design, economic development and more.

UMass Programs & Courses on Sustainability

Sample of Programs
EcoRep for UMass Amherst dorm residents
Masters of Science in Sustainability Natural Resources Conservation
Professional Masters Degree in Green Building Building Materials and Wood Technology
RAP Sustainability Residential Academic Programs
School of Earth and Sustainability

Sustainable Entrepreneurship University Without Walls
Sustainable Food and Farming Major Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Sustainable Studies Concentration University Without Walls
Sustainability Studies Concentration Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration



Sample Courses

  • Beyond Organic Farming (Honors 391D)
  • Community Food Systems (PSIS 397C)
  • Communication for Sustainable Social Change (COMM 211)
  • The Cost of Food (Honors 391D)
  • Current Issues in Sustainability (LA 591J)
  • Ecology, Agriculture, and Society (NS 150)
  • Energy Efficient Housing (BMATWT 211)
  • Global Food Systems (PSIS 390G) 
  • Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants (PSIS 280)   
  • Diversity, Globalization, and Sustainability: Introduction to Human Geography (GEO 102)
  • My Body, My Health (PUBHLTH 160)
  • Student Forest Garden Enterprise (PLSOILIN 398B)
  • Sustainable Agriculture (PSIS 265)
  • Sustainable Aspects of CEE Design (CEE 490A)   
  • Sustainable Cities (ENVIRDES 591B) 
  • Sustainable Living (NRC 185)
  • Special Studies in Sustainability (SUS 250)
  • Systems Thinking (PLNT 597s)