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Growing healthier communities based on sustainable energy use, agricultural production, building design, economic development and more.

Valley Spotlight

Greening the Valley - Research Database

This database* is a supplement to the 2010 exhibition at the UMass Fine Arts Center, "Greening the Valley: Sustainable Architecture in the Pioneer Valley." It focuses on resources of the built environment, of contemporary architecture, and of renewable technology. It also touches on economic and social sustainability.

*Created by Eva Fierst and Kim Carlino from the University Gallery, UMass. The software used for this map is VUE, an open source program created by Tufts University.

Encyclopedia of Associations

Resources in the Pioneer Valley

Sustainabilty Programs in the Region

Valley Spotlight

The Pioner Valley Planning Commission has been awarded funds for a Regional Sustainability Plan. The grant is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Environmental Protection Agency and will be used to create a regional sustainability plan that integrates housing, water quality, climate action, transportation, environmental and food issues into a unified document. To learn more about the project, contact Brian Markey at