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UMass Amherst Libraries

Open Scholarship & Scholarly Publishing

Covering various elements of producing and sharing scholarship.


For those who are thinking about how to gain access to the tools and content you need to produce your research, and then share your methodology, protocols, source code, data, graphs, articles, books and more, this guide is for you.

Open Scholarship is about transparently and publicly sharing research processes and outputs through openly accessible tools and platforms for the purpose of building collective knowledge within and across disciplines. In this guide, open scholarship is used as an umbrella term for open access, open data, open educational resources, open research, open science, etc.

Scholarly Publishing is about means of vetting and sharing the works you produce.

Open scholarship describes the systems that researchers use to access, produce and share their works, and scholarly publishing is more focused on the slice of that cycle related to sharing outputs.

This guide covers attributes of the systems that support scholarship and knowledge exchange. It is written with the belief in the fundamental value of knowledge as a public, common good that is most positively impactful when its production and distribution are open and transparent. The details of these systems are complex and situational. Please be in touch if you want to discuss how to optimize your work within them.