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Library Research for Junior Writing

This is a page designed to help students with their Junior Writing course.

Doing academic research

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The links below lead to PowerPoint presentations on how to use the library more effectively. Each PowerPoint presentation will take a few seconds to load, and then it will open as a slide show. When the presentation is over, hit the "Escape" key to return to the LibGuide page.

What is a "refereed" or scholarly article?

Better book searching

How to find articles in the library

Why use WorldCat?

How to use interlibrary loan

How to read call numbers

How to cite books & articles

How to find book reviews

PDF symbolWhere are the books shelved?





Junior Writing


Welcome to the library course guide page for Junior Writing

This page is designed to assist you in your library research. There are pages on searching for books, on searching for articles, and some advice on how to do more effective searching.

It's difficult to design a research page for Junior Writing, because requirements differ from department to department.  In some departments, students are free to write about any topic they desire, provided it's in the languages taught in the department. In others, students must write on a topic related to the department's culture, but they can write in English if they so chose.

To this end this guide will offer general suggestions on doing research in a wide range of disciplines.

Don't hesitate to contact me for an individual consultation on your research needs.


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RefWorks is a bibliographical management software which will help you organize your citations, articles, books, etc. paid for by the UMass Amherst Library, that the UMass Amherst community can access from the Library website. RefWorks collects, stores, and organizes citations from books, articles from databases, web sites, and other sources. RefWorks automatically converts citations into properly formatted bibliographies

Better than using 3"x5' index cards!


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