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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

SCH-MGMT200 Career and Professional Development

SCH-MGMT200 Industry Brief Assignment

Welcome! This guide is designed to provide you with support in using UMass Amherst Libraries' resources to find information about your target industry for the Industry Brief Reflection. It details selected databases and library materials that will be useful in familiarizing yourself with the industry and develop a strong industry literacy, which can be helpful in preparing for the job market and beyond.

Please be in touch with your subject librarian, Alison Messier, if you need assistance or would like to learn more about the Libraries' resources. 

Journals & Articles

Use these databases to find relevant journal articles about your industry, including news about the industry, details about major players in the industry, developments and trends, and more. Use strategic keyword searching to narrow your search to find information of interest that is relevant to your assignment.