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Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (formerly Communication Disorders)

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Just want to know where to get started searching for articles about topics in Communication Disorders?  Try one of these databases:

Visible Body Suite

With our last renewal, we gained access to the new Visible Body Suite platform.

The new platform requires you to create an account to be able to access content and get access to the mobile app.

The Visible Body Suite refers to the whole package that we now have access to and is also the name of the tool that replaced the old Human Anatomy Atlas. Our access now includes Visible Biology, Muscle Premium, Physiology Animations, and Anatomy & Physiology. There are 3D models and simulations, flashcards, 3D tours, and augmented reality. 

NOTE: Even if you had an account on the old platform, you have to create a new one for the updated platform. 

UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS for getting Visible Body Suite on your mobile device!

  1. Using the link above, Sign In to your Visible Body account. (Remember, if you haven't created a new account on the updated platform, you need to do that first.
  2. Once you are signed in, under Visible Body Suite, click the orange button that says Get the Mobile App.
  3. You will be prompted for your email address to send a link to get Visible Body from the App Store or Google Play without paying for it.
  4. Open the email on whatever mobile devices you want to download it on and click the App Store or Google Play link.
  5. After the app is downloaded on your mobile device, open the app.
  6. Sign in with the same email and password you used when creating your Visible Body account.

You do have to re-authenticate your account every 150 days by signing into the web version of Visible Body. 

Want to learn more about Visible Body Suite? Check out their Getting Started page for tips on navigating and customizing.