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The UMass Libraries have dozens of microform collections related to the history of early America. Collections are arranged A to Z by title-keyword. Each entry contains the collection name, description and microform number. Click the  to view the Library Catalog record.

Microforms are held in a non-public area of the library. Library users must fill out an Online Request Form to access the collection. Requests are picked up at the Circulation Desk and then viewed in the new Microforms Viewing Room, Room 49, Learning Commons, Du Bois Library.

  Identify Collection: Browse this guide A to Z by title-keyword, or use the guide search box above, or search in the Library Catalog.
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Adams family - Microfilms of the Adams Papers UM Microform  A313 Public/private Adams family journals, letters, state papers.
Adams, Samuel, papers UM Microform 11179 1635-1826. Revolution. patriot, MA legislator, Cont. Cong. delegate.
Africa. Exploration & colonization of Africa UM Microform 12366 1794-1844. British Colonial Office letters, treaties, journals.
Allston, Washington. Papers UM Microform 5555 1800-43. Artist, poet, SC native. Letters, bio. items, lectures, sketchbooks.
American culture series, 1493 - 1875 UM Microform A81 Books, pamphlets. 5,000 titles, Mostly written, published in US.
American natural history UM Microform 12084 Explorers' jrnls./travelers' accts. from American frontier days. 302 titles.
American prose fiction series, 1774-1900 UM Microform A97 Novels, short stories, romances. 11,000 titles, US authors.
American periodicals series, 18th century UM Microform A82 88 periodicals published in US, 1741-1800, Series 1.
American periodicals series, 1800 - 1850 UM Microform A83 Periodicals published in the US, Series II.
Andrews, John A., papers UM Microform 7708 1772-1895. Prominent anti-slavery lawyer, MA Civil War governor.
Archivo General de las Indias. Seville. UM Microfilm A434 16th-17th century colonial documents mainly from Mexico and Peru.
Bartlett, Josiah, Papers, 1729-1795 UM Microform 4063 NH governor and physician, legislator, militia colonel.
Belcher, Jonathan, Governor, letter books UM Microform  736 1723-1754. Colonial governor, Harvard graduate, wealthy Boston merchant.
B.F. Stevens' facsimiles UM Microform 949 British confidential documents from the American Revolutionary period.
Biddle, Captain James, journal, 1817-1819 UM Microform D225 Naval master-commandant. Took possession of the OR Territory in 1817.
Blaine, Ephraim Papers UM Microform 1503 1766-1805. Merchant, Continental Army Commissary General. 3,500 items.
Boston Overseers of the Poor records UM Microform 12367 1733-1925. Administrative/almhouse/temporary home/misc. records
Bridgman, Elijah Papers 1820-1839 UM Microform 1411 Missionary in China. Letters, sermons, biographical materials.
British periodicals in the creative arts UM Microfilm A1164 1700s-early 1900s. Fine arts, architecture, archeology, drama, music.
British sessional papers. House of Commons UM Microprint 47 1731-1969 Reports, bills, treaties, correspondence,"white papers."
Burke, Edmund, 1729-1791, papers UM Microform 10543 British statesman, notes/papers on America, Indians, Ireland, etc.
Byles family papers UM Microform 7265 1757-1837. Loyalist family corresp., Boston, some fled to Halifax.
Cabot, Samuel, papers UM Microform 7112 1713-1858. Boston China merchant also engaged in opium trade.
Cameron, Simon papers, 1738-1919 UM Microform 1507 U.S. Secretary of War, Senator, Minister to Russia.
Census. Census roll, 1835, Cherokee Indians east of MS UM Microform D171 AKA Henderson Roll. Lists 900+ Heads of Households in AL, GA, NC, TN.
Census. Census of Creek Indians 1832 UM Microform D237 Principal chiefs and heads of families. Counts males, females, slaves.
Census. First census, 1790 US population schedules UM Microfilm D252 Only Heads of Households' names appear.
Census. First census, 1790 US population schedules UM Microfilm D253 Printed schedules published in 1907-08.
Census. Second census 1800 US population schedules  UM Microfilm D254 Only Heads of Households' names appear.
Census. Third census 1810 US population schedules UM Microfilm D255 Questions and age categories are identical to 1800 US census.
Census. Fourth census 1820 US population schedules UM Microfiom D256 Noted occupations and naturalization. Counted males 16-18.
Census. Fifth census 1830 US population schedules UM Microfilm D257 Only Heads of Households' names. First to use uniform, printed forms.
Channing, William Ellery, papers UM Microform 7119 1791-1892. Unitarian minister, liberal relig. thought spokesman, author.
Child, Lydia Maria. Collected correspondence UM Microfiche 121 1817-80. MA author/activist's 2,604 letters re: women's rights, abolition, etc.
City & business directories, United States through 1860 UM Microfiche 19 First Segment, 1647 city directories, earliest Baltimore, 1752.
Cobb, David. Papers UM Microform 5790 1708-1833. M.D., Revo. War officer, MA Lt.Gov/H.Speaker/Sen. Pres.
Colman, Benjamin. Papers UM Microform 5787 1641-1763. Prominent Presbyterian minister of Boston's Brattle St. Ch.
Consular officers, U.S., List. 1789-1939 UM Microfilm D156 By country with personal and employment information.
Constitutions and laws of the American Indians UM Microform 3714 Printed constitutions, statutes, etc. from 13 tribes and nations.
Continental Congress. Papers UM Microform D7 1774-1789. Variety of records from Continental/Confederate Congresses.
Cuffe, Paul collection c. 1742-1963 UM Microform 2469 Highly successful African American merchant, ship captain, Abolitionist.
Dall, Caroline H., Papers UM Microform 7117 1811-1917. Leading reformer/essayist, anti-slavery & women's suffrage.
Davis, John. Papers UM Microform 276 PA militia capt. who procured/transported Continental Army provisions.
Decimal file, 1910-29 UM Microform D Ser. State Dept. correspondence with diplomatic/consular officials, individuals.
Dee, John. Books and manuscripts UM Microform 11802 1527-1608. Reconstructed lib. of Dee, astrologer, mathematician, collector.
Diplomats. List of U.S. diplomatic officers, 1789-1939 UM Microform D185 By country with personal and employment information.
Diplomats. Notes from foreign legations, 1791-1906 UM Microform D Ser. Communications to State Dept., foreign legations/embassies in the US.
Diplomats. Dispatches, 1792-1906 UM Microform D Ser. Reports to the State Dept. from US diplomatic representatives abroad.
Diplomats. Dispatches from U.S. consuls in... UM Microform D Ser. 1797-1906. Communication to State Dept., Commerce, US citizens.
Documents...des la Gironde... UM Microform 1261 MSS of 18th cent. tax assessment, sugar trade, slavery, America.
Du Bois, W.E.B., Papers: 1803(1877-1963) 1965 UM Microfilm 4877 150,000+ items from UMA collection. Black reform leader, scholar, author.
Early American newspapers UM Microprint 1 - 60 1704-1820. 54+ newspapers from CT, GA, MA, NY, PA, RI, VA
Early British periodicals UM Microform  A333 168 periodicals, 18th/19th century.
English literary periodicals UM Microform A88 200 titles, 17th-19th centuries, British literary review journals.
Everett, Edward, 1794-1865. Papers UM Microform 3596 Senator, Congressman, Sec. of State, MA gov., Harvard pres., pastor.
Les Femmes...rare works from France UM Microfiche 597 1676-1952. 129 titles by & about women, Biblio. Nationale. In French.
Forbes papers UM Microform 1497 Merchants engaged in China trade, sea safety, Chinese botany.
Franklin, Benjamin. Account books UM Microform 3821 1743-1787. Domestic, personal, public, business, & Phila. P.O. accts.
French books before 1601 UM Microform A96 Short-title catalogue of French books, 1740 to 1600.
Fulham papers at Lambeth Palace Library UM Microform 1508 17th-18th cent. correspondence of colonial clergy & the Bishop of London.
Gallatin, Albert (1761-1849). Papers UM Microform 1501 U.S. Treasury Secretary and Congressman, diplomat.
German baroque literature UM Microfilm A231 2,363 titles from 1575-1740. Based on Yale's collection.
German books before 1601 UM Microform A94 Books printed in the German-speaking countries, 1455-1600
German & Austrian drama UM Microform 6809 3,308 titles, German & Viennese plays/opera libretti, pub. 1740-90.
Gilbert, W.S., Correspondence, diaries... UM Microform 12365 From the British Lib. Literary MSS, prompt copies, drawings, music.
Gloucester records 1642-1874 UM Microfilm A632 Town, parish meetings, Selectmen and Assessors records, deeds.
Green, Nathanael Papers UM Microform 255 Continental Army Major- and Quartermaster-General.
Greenwich (Mass.). Town records UM Microfilm A244 1782-1916. Town meeting minutes; militia, pew, and voter lists.
Hadley, MA, Proprietors' records; highways UM Microfilm A241 1659-1813. Originals and transcriptions.
Hadley, MA, Votes and minutes, etc. UM Microfilm A242 1659-1954. Town meeting records.
Hampshire County, MA, Probate records UM Microfilm 1555 1660-1820. Manuscript volumes.
Hancock Family papers UM Microform 5792 1728-1815. Mainly re: wealthy Boston merchant Thomas & nephew John.
Harbottle Dorr...annotated Massachusetts newspapers UM Microform 2332 1765-1776. Dorr's collection, 7 papers, broadsides & pamphlets.
Hardy, Thomas, Original manuscripts and papers UM Microform 3822 Manuscripts, scrapbooks, posters, biographical material.
Hispanic culture series, books before 1601 UM Microform  A152 Spanish, Spanish American, Portuguese books printed before 1601.
Historic American Buildings Survey UM Microfiche 238- Graphic record, 1933 of American building art. Photos, description.
Historic American Building Survey - Measured drawings UM Microform 5022 Highly accurate detailed drawings based on existing structures.
History of women UM Microfilm 6811 1700s to 1920. Books, pamphlets, manuscripts, photographs.
Hopedale Community, 1821-1938 UM Microform 5018 Founded in Mendon, MA 1846. Books, pamphlets, photos, MSS.
House of Commons, Committee reports, 1715-1801 UM Microform 2856 First Series. 100+ reports on all aspects of 18th century life.
Jackson, Andrew. Papers, microfilm supplement UM Microform 7722 1770-1845. 14,000 documents supplementing the LC microfilm.
Jefferson, Thomas. Papers UM Microform 7723 Corresp., court cases, acct. books, etc. Primarily polit./legal.
Journaux ephemeres de la periode de la revolution UM Microfilm A342 95 titles issued in Paris 1789-1792.
Knox, Henry (1750-1806). Papers  UM Microform 312  Secretary of War, Revolutionary War major-general. 1719-1825.
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry. Papers UM Microfiche 552 Architect, engineer. Designed homes, public structures, waterways.
Lee family papers, 1742-1795 UM Microform 581 Successful merchants who served in Congress & foreign ministers.
Lexington alarm UM Microform 4196 Handwritten town lists of those responding to April 19, 1775 alarm.
Livingston William, Papers, 1695-1839 UM Microform 932 Militia command, Continental Congress delegate, NJ's 1st governor.
Louisbourg papers: expedition of 1745 UM Microform 738 William Pepperrell commanded siege, Fr. Cape Breton garrison.
Low Countries, Books printed before 1601 UM Microform  A126 Based on British Museum. Department of Printed Books.
Maclure collection of French Revolutionary materials UM Microform 4376 25,000 French Revolution publications: newspapers, petitions.
Mascarene family papers, 1687-1839 UM Microform 1390 Correspondence, etc. from Nova Scotia's Lt.-Governor + NS Loyalists.
Massachusetts Archives  UM Microfilm A180 328 vols. 17th-18th century military, land, court, etc. records.
Massachusetts, Continental Loan Office records UM Microform 7957 1771-91. Est. to fund the Revo. Loan/liquidated debt certif., letters, etc.
Massachusetts, Lists of the polls and...estates...1784 UM Microfilm 8730 Assessors' returns of 44 MA towns. List buildings, cattle, acreage, etc.
Massachusetts, Local tax list through 1776 UM Microform 1579 Tax lists of MA towns for the Colonial period. Salem only 1682-1773.
Massachusetts, Maritime records, 1779-1788 UM Microfilm A360b MSS records from MA Superior Court Judicature & Supreme Judicial Court.
Massachusetts, Returns, accts. MA regiments/battalions UM Microform 7266 1779-82. # officers, phys. desc., arms/ammunition/rations accts.
Massachusetts, Province in rebellion UM Microfiche 25 1774-75. Transcripts of 1,100 records from royal/revolutionary govt. in MA.
Massachusetts, Superior Court of Judicature, 1692-1780 UM Microfilm A360a 34 vols. of MSS records from MA Superior Court of Judicature.
Massachusetts, Tax valuations UM Microfilm 12374 Town valuation summaries 1784-5, 1791, 1831, 1841, 1850, 1860.
Mathers, Cotton.  Papers UM Microform 7850 1636-1724. Cong. minister 2nd Ch. of Boston. Diaries, sermons, corresp.
Mather, Increase, microfilm project  UM Microform 7851 "Foremost American Puritan" of his day. 2nd Ch. Boston minister, Harv. pres.
Mazzei, Philip. Papers UM Microform 5548 1730-1818. Italian merchant/diplomat. Nat. citizen of VA. Am. Revo. advocate.
Mexico. Correspondence, filibustering expedition UM Microform D172 1811-1816. 30+ items including letters to James Madison & James Monroe.
Mexico. Independent Mexico in newspapers, 19th cent. UM Microfilm A 1280 1807-1900. Selected titles, UTexas Benson Latin American Collection.
Middlesex Co...towns through 1830, Records UM Microfilm A588 MSS vital records, tax lists, etc. Some may go well beyond 1830.
Morris, Gouverneur Papers UM Microform 223 US Senator, Continental Congress member, Minister to France, lawyer.
Naval Astronomical Expedition. Correspondence UM Microform D194 Letters, notebooks, telescopic observations near Santiago.
Naval Office shipping lists for Mass., 1686-1765. UM Microform 1502 Boston, Salem, Marblehead, Newbury, York. Some cargo included slaves.
Negro in the military service of the U.S. UM Microform D312 Documents copied from primary sources for AGO's Colored Troops Division.
Oliver family papers, 1419-1946 UM Microform 5543 Distinguished family of varied careers - MA chief justice/lt. gov., MDs, etc.
Oneida Community  UM Microform 2648 1834-1972. Books, pamphlets, serials. 19th century NY Perfectionists.
Otis, Harrison Gray. Papers UM Microform 5679 1691-1870. Federalist, lawyer, Congressman, Senator, Boston mayor.
Parker, Theodore. Papers UM Microform 5678 1826-62. Boston Unitarian minister & social causes advocate. Letters, diaries.
Pattison, James, papers 1777-1781 UM Microform 2284 British general, artillery officer. New York city/garrison commandant.
Pelham (Mass.). Records, 1743-1779, 1792 UM Microfilm A246 355 items including town meeting minutes, valuations, voter lists, etc.
Penn, Thomas, Papers, 1729-1832 UM Microform  1264 Wm. Penn's son, PA proprietor, and major landowner residing in England.
Perkins, Thomas Handasyd, papers UM Microform 7267 1789-1892. Business recs., corresp., successful Boston China merchant.
Pickering, Timothy papers UM Microfilm 319 Revolutionary War Quartermaster General, Secretary of War and State.
Prescott, MA town records UM Microfilm A243 Town meeting and misc. records.
Price, Ezekiel, Papers, 1754-1785 UM Microform 740  Letters, petitions, etc. re: the Am. Revolution, Maine lands, Boston.
Pynchon, Major John, Account Books UM Microform 1489 Son of Springfield MA founder, principal merchant for W. New England
Quincy, Wendell, Holmes, Upham families. Papers UM Microform 6021 1633-1910. Clergy, physician, Congressman, Patriot, author, etc.
Revolutionary War prize cases UM Microform D38 1776-1787. Appeals cases concerning captured British vessels.
Rowan, Stephen C., papers, 1826-1890 UM Microform D205 Vice & Rear Admiral, Commandant Navy Yard NY, Supt. Naval Observatory.
Salem (Mass.). Town clerks records UM Microform A245 MSS. records 1865-1899. Tax records 1800-1810 & 1830-1850.
Sargent, Winthrop, papers UM Microform 318 Continental Army major, NW Territorial adm., MS Territory's 1st gov.
Sedgwick Papers, Catherine Maria UM Microform 7707 Popular novelist, b. in Stockbridge, MA. Corresp., diaries, mss., 1798-1908.
Shaw, Lemuel, papers  UM Microform 1388 Massachusetts Chief Justice, General Court representative, State senator.
Smith-Townsend papers, 1670-1892 UM Microform 5546 Medford Smiths, Lynn Townsends. Descendants, lt. col., surgeon, loyalist.
Sol Feinstone collection of the American Revolution UM Microform 2295 1,800 original manuscripts, including letters from many notables.
Spanish drama of the Golden Age UM Microform 6578 3,200+ plays from the 17th-early 19th centuries.
Strong, Caleb. Papers UM Microform 5788 1657-1818. Deeds, wills, corresp. of Strong Sr. & Jr. (MA gov., US Senator).
Sumner, Charles. Papers UM Microform 11803 US Senator, anti-slavery/civil rights proponent. 26,000+ letters.
Thoreau: Walden and other manuscripts UM Microform 11794 Journals, poetry, essays, translations, letters.
Utah and the Mormons UM Microform 1509 Rare books, pamphlets, periodicals, serials. Also includes Utah history.
Wales & America: documents...National Library of Wales UM Microform 5899 17th-19th centuries. Welsh migration to America. MSS, letters, sermons.
Ward, Artemas. Papers UM Microform 1506 Revolutionary War Major-General, Continental Congress member, court justice.
Warren-Adams papers UM Microform 5881 1767-1822. Letters, John/Abigail/Samuel Adams, James/Mercy O.Warren.
Warren, Mercy. Papers, 1709-1841 UM Microforms 739 Historian, poet, dramatist from Plymouth, MA.
Winthrop papers UM Microform 5353 1537-1905. 3 centuries of letters, diaries, etc. incl. those of Gov. Winthrop.
Wirt, William. Papers UM Microform 7713 US Attorney General, eminent lawyer, successful orator/author/historian.
Witchcraft in Europe and America  UM Microform 12083 1,045 titles. 15th-20th centuries. Rare primary/secondary sources.
Women. American women's diaries UM Microform 7720 Seg. 1: New England. 8 middle & upper class women. 18th-early 20th cent.