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UMass Amherst Libraries

NRC 497C - Human-Carnivore Conflicts & Conservation

Resources for research

Library Catalog searching

Find books on the Library site (


  • Books delivered to UMass from Four Colleges: click on Request Item at the top of record. Works for books in paper, not e-books.
  • UMass people can read e-books from other colleges only while on the other campuses unless enrolled in their courses.

Use one book to find others

Consider Subject(s) on useful books; if a Subject looks good, click to see other titles assigned with the same subject.

Borrow books from other libraries

  • Four College librariy books - click on Request Item at the top of the book's record. (not for e-books)
  • WorldCat indexes books from many libraries. If we don't have a book you want, borrow it through Interlibrary Loan.


Search tips

Specific or general terms?

Specific terms give fewer but more precise results:
    Northern Flicker 

General terms give more hits, but a lower ratio of useful ones:

Specific terms may miss a book with just a chapter on your topic.

To broaden your search 
 Add words with similar or broader meanings.

E.g., use both scientific and common names for organisms, connected with OR:

Northern Flicker or Colaptes auratus

NOTE:Scientific names sometimes change!

Use wildcards (the asterisk *) in Keyword searches

forest* will find forest, forests and forestry

and variant spellings (colour, grey/gray)

Useful books

Mostly physical books - and links mostly to library catalog record. Some go to e-book platform directly.