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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Information and Computer Sciences

Helpful People

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 My name is Rebecca
and I'm the librarian for
the College of Information
and Computer Sciences.

There's a librarian for every subject! They can answer your questions about finding, accessing, and managing academic resources. 

If you'd like to see which librarian works with a particular field, search "Find Your Librarian" by subject or keyword.

You can reach me by email to make an appointment for a consultation.

If you need a quick answer,
you can Get Help! via email, phone, or chat. 

Learning Resource Center (LRC) Help with homework, tutoring, and supplemental instruction. Offers several sections for Information and Computer Sciences! Online appointments and drop-ins.
CICS Writing Center Work with you at any point in the writing process. Sign up for an appointment and meet online with a CICS Writing Center tutor! Online appointment.

Tools and Resources to Get You Started

You are entitled to all the content that the Libraries provide. Make sure the Libraries' resources among those that you use to find research! 

  • Discovery Search: The default search box on the Library's homepage searches the Five College catalogs and *some* of the databases we subscribe to. You will find many articles, books, reference materials, and electronic resources -- but not all that may be relevant to your work. 
  • Databases A-Z: A searchable list of all the databases that the Libraries have access to. It can point you to content in your subject area of interest (e.g., computer science, engineering, business, philosophy). The most frequently used databases are listed first. Check out the listing of computer science-specific databases, too. 

Quick Links for Library Services

Tools to Know About