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Finding Resources

Check out these suggested resources to get you started on your topic!

Finding Images

Need to find an image with a license that allows you to reuse it? Try using the following resources.

Finding Music

Want to add some music to your project? Try these resources for music in the public domain!

Finding Sound Effects

Try these resources for public domain Sound Effects!

Looking for more?

Try these pages that have complied great lists of links for your perusal! Make sure you take note of each site's requirements for reuse.

What is Public Domain?

Public Domain means that the material is no longer under copyright and can be used freely by the public.

What are Creative Commons Licenses?

There are other licenses out there that allow you to freely reuse or remix content -- material that's licensed under the Creative Common's Attribution License (CC-BY) allows others to distribute, remix, and build upon a work, as long as the original creator is credited. Creative Commons has several other Licenses that content creators can apply to their works.

Cite what you use

Just like when you write a paper and must refer to the resources you have used to make your argument, you need to cite any images or music or sounds you use in your work! Use the links below to help guide you. A citation manager, like RefWorks or Zotero, will help, too!

Remember, citing is an important part of providing credit for others' ideas, it helps readers find your sources, and it helps you avoid plagiarism.