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UMass Amherst Libraries

E-Books at UMass Amherst Library

Sample Safari Books



Description:  A collection of books on IT, software development, tech, from O'Reilly and other well-regarded publishers; business; and to a lesser extent, engineering and math/sci. Each title is listed in the catalog, and there is a link to three collections from the DB list.

UMass holdings: Around 11,500 titles.

Find along with other books:

  • Five College Catalog (limit to UMass e-books here -- specify e-book in format). Click the e-book title, then Click for call number and availability, then click the online link (UMass: Link to resource).
  • WorldCat Local (be sure UMass owns it). Click the e-book title, then click the link.

Not available. Safari books must be read online, one page at a time.

Special Features:
Only five users at a time can access Safari ebooks.

Search the Safari database directly using the link below: