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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

History 591P: History Writing and Political Engagement

guide for students in Sigrid Schmalzer's writing-intensive class on history writing and political engagement.

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This guide is designed for students in Prof. Schmalzer's History 591P course: History Writing and  Political Engagement. Prof. Schmalzer has compiled a wonderful reading list for you so you might think that you don't need to go digging in the library to find other materials. BUT she also has asked you to research and write/produce a final project that will involve a fair bit of independent work.

I have tried to pull together some recommended resources for you, but it is really only a starting place. Please contact me for individual consultations and we can work together to make sure that you have the background documentation you need for your own project. I look forward to seeing your well-researched creativity.

                                                                            Sharon Domier