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Most Recent Issues of Japanese Journals

RSS feeds provide you with the tables of contents of the most recent issues of Japanese journals.


LOCATION: UM East Asian  ;  PL501  .K62  Per (21st floor)   

Library has: no.221 (2005)-no.259 (2014);v.11 (2015)-v.12 (2016)-

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LOCATION: UM East Asian  ;  PL700  .B78  Per (21st floor)    Library has:  no.55 (1971)-no.73 (1974), no.75 (1976)-no.199 (2011)   THIS JOURNAL HAS BEEN CANCELLED. 

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日本語学 Nihongogaku

UM East Asian  ;  PL501  .N55  Per  (21st floor). This journal was cancelled in 2011. Smith still has the print subscription.

v.1 (1982)-v.29 (2010)

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