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UMass Amherst Libraries

Forestry / Arboriculture

Resources for research in forestry or arboriculture

Conservation Organizations

Note that these are advocacy organizations with a specific bias

There are many others.

Industry Organizations

Note that these organizations, too, are advocacy organizations with a specific bias.

Forest Industry Network

Tree Care Industry Association - Industry group / trade association for companies

Forestry USA (a general forestry portal) under "Networking" has a list of Forestry and Forest Products Industry Associations

Useful Links

Forestry USA is a privately-funded "portal" - a collection of organized links - related to forestry and forest products in the US. Many useful links, but there is little information about their interests.

  • For career and job links, see their Career Center - Job opportunities page has active postings.
  • Networking has lists of associations & organizations, and other resource pages
  • Goverment has links to useful federal, state, and local goverment sites.
  • Education and Research includes schools and research sites.


Online and downloadable resources from the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) has links to

and more.

Also link to the Forestry Images database which has Creative Commons licensed photos of types of trees, related insects, other pests and diseases, wildlife, people, etc. Can be used for your presentations or papers.


Society of Foresters' Dictionary of Forestry