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BIOLOGY 548 Mammalogy - Rosa Moscarella

Library resources useful to students taking this class.

Recommended Textbook

Below is a brief table of contents of the textbook.  All of Part I, chapters 1-4, are available for preview on Google Books.  For a detailed breakdown of chapter contents, view the textbook catalog record above.

Part I Introduction to the Mammalia

1. Introduction
2. Mammalian Origins
3. Mammalian Characteristics
4. Classification of Mammals

Part II Mammalian Diversity

5. Monotremata
6. Metatheria
7. Introduction to Eutherian Mammals
8. Afrosoricida, Macroscelidea, and Tubulidentata
9. Paenungulata
10. Cingulata, Pilosa, and Pholidota
11. Dermoptera and Scandentia
12. Primates
13. Rodentia and Lagomorpha
14. Erinaceomorpha and Soricomorpha

15. Chiroptera
16. Carnivora
17. Perissodactyla
18. Artiodactyla
19. Cetacea

Part III Mammalian Structure and Function

20. Reproduction
21. Aspects of Physiology
22. Echolocation

Part IV Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation

23. Ecology
24. Behavior
25. Zoogeography
26. Mammalian Conservation Ethics
27. Mammalian Domestication
28. Mammalian Disease and Zoonoses

In the next section you will find suggestions for other readings on the topics of the chapters from this textbook. 

Course Recommended Reading