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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

HON 201H: Commonwealth Honors Seminar

Find information on topics related to this semester's readings.

About this Guide

Honors Seminar 1: Ideas That Changed the World

This is a library and online research guide for theCommonwealth Honors Seminar, Honors 291A. Here are resources and research tips that will be especially useful for researching topics related to this semester's readings.


Finding Books

TIP: When you look for a particular book on the shelf, make sure to browse the shelf and nearby shelves for related books. Take your time! Open the books!  

To find books at UMass Amherst:

  1. Start with the general search box on the library home page,  
    • This catalog gives you access to libraries and collections throughout North America and beyond! It starts with UMas,s but does not limit you to our catalog.

Article Databases

Try out these databases, comment on them and rate them too! Over 300 research databases are available through the UMass Amherst Libraries. Here are a few that will be especially useful.