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Forestry / Arboriculture

Resources for research in forestry or arboriculture

Find information about arboriculture and forestry here!

For wider but related topics, try the broader subject guide for Environmental Conservation.

Research papers on arboriculture and forestry

Find articles from journals, magazines, or conference proceedings; also book chapters, reports and other sources

  • Agricola - From the US Dept of Agriculture. Research in agriculture, entomology, plant sciences, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, extension and education, wildlife management, veterinary sciences, earth and environmental sciences. Citations from journal articles, book chapters, monographs, theses, patents, software, audiovisual materials, and technical reports. 1970-present.

  • CAB Abstracts - CAB stands for Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, and is the British equivalent of Agricola, but covers a longer time, roughly 1910- present. Less deep in American governmental reports but probably wider coverage of international topics.

  • Engineering VillageComprehensive access to engineering journal articles, conference papers, and web sites, 1884-present.

These are the strongest databases for this area, but depending on your topic, others may be more useful. For help, contact me! ---->

See the box below for goverment-funded sources, and separate tabs for Books and Media for more research sources.

Government sources

U.S. government 

  • Joint Fire Science Program - supports credible wildland fire research; collaboration among many government and academic partners. They publish Firescience Digests (formerly called Briefs) which summarize results of research, and also alert researchers to sources of grant funding. Also lists grant-funding opportunities.

  • Beetle Busters - example of specialized government website aimed at citizens. This is for combatting Asian Longhorn Beetle.

Massachusetts-specific site for Asian Longhorn Beetle

  • U.S. Forest Service: Urban and Community Forestry - provides technical, financial, research and educational services to local government, non profit organizations community groups, educational institutions, and tribal governments.  See next box below for more.

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Forestry page - environmental requirements relating specifically to establishments that operate timber tracts, tree farms, forest nurseries, and related activities, such as reforestation services and the gathering of gums, barks, balsam needles, maple sap, Spanish moss, and other forest products. 

 Massachusetts state agency

  • Forestry, under Energy and Environmental Affairs. Includes forest management on state and private lands, statistics, and GIS data for the state.
    Also, link to a page on Urban and Community Forestry for the Commonwealth.

International agencies

Urban Forestry resources

Urban Forestry: Toward an Ecosystem Services Research Agenda: A Workshop Summary - 2013 National Academies Press. 

Urban Forest Connections Webinar series - monthly webinars  presented by the Forest Service’s National Urban Forest Technology & Science Delivery Team

Planning the Urban Forest (2009), in the American Planning Association series, Planning Advisory Service Reports. Full text access in the ABI Inform database. Each chapter is a separate record:  Link to the Table of Contents

Urban and Community Forests of New England, U.S. Forest Service General Technical Report NRS 38, (2008), 67 pages, PDF.

Urban Forest Data from the U.S. Forest Service, by state, city (short list), or region. Includes statistics and GIS files.