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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

SCH-MGMT310 Crisis Communication + Corporate Response

Resources for research on corporate crisis response.

Journals & Articles

Use these databases to find relevant journal articles about your company, including news about the crisis, how the company communicated, what worked well (or didn't), trends in the industry, and more. Use strategic keyword searching to narrow your search to find information of interest that is relevant to your assignment.

Key Library Databases

Each of these databases can provide you with helpful information about a company, its strategies around branding and communication, and how it compares with its peers in the landscape. You will also come away with information about the overall industry and media landscape via analysis and case studies, news, and company and industry research reports.

Global Data Explorer

This resource includes information and data related to over 20 industry sectors, 600K companies, SWOT analyses, global trends, and analysis. Navigate to this site and click on the Company Analysis video that shows how to effectively conduct a company analysis search.


This resource provides current analysis of over 700 major U.S. industries. Report chapters: At a Glance, Performance, Outlook, Products & Markets, Competitive Forces, Companies, External Environment, Key Statistics and more. It can be useful to use this database to understand the landscape for a particular company's industry, including key trends, drivers, and opportunities that exist. 

Mergent Intellect

This resource can be used to find information about companies and competitors using several different criteria, including size, location, industry, sales, and more. You can also conduct a basic search for a company by name and see what is included in their profile from the database landing page.

This video from Northern Illinois University's Library does a great job of explaining how to conduct a search and how to navigate the Mergent Intellect database. 


Nexis Uni

This database includes news, company information, and legal sources that you can search via keywords or through an advanced search. A helpful source of information when conducting company research is through their quarterly earnings conference calls. These are recorded as print transcripts, and can be found in NexisUni. The reports can be an effective way of understanding a company's strategies and how they frame their successes, earnings, initiatives, and failures with analysts. They can be found by searching for the Fair Disclosure Wire as detailed by this video from Ohio University Libraries.


World Advertising Research Center (WARC)

This database contains a wide range of information on the advertising and marketing landscape, including trends, expenditure data, case studies, news, and consumer insights.