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General guide for library research in Nursing

New Resources!

One of our newer resources that may be of interest to folks in Nursing is Visible Body.

Nursing & Health Topics in the News

There are many places to find articles written more for the general population than career nurses or health professionals. Some suggested websites and journals:

New York Times Online
UMass Amherst Libraries have purchased access to the New York Times Academic Pass program for the UMass Amherst campus. To register for your academic account to the New York Times, you'll need a UMass Amherst email address. 

Follow the Registration instructions on our New York TImes Online guide to set up your account.

Up To Date Mobile Access

Mobile app available for UpToDate!

Before you can use it, you must first Register on the UpToDate homepage (top right corner).

After you create an account with UpToDate, you can download the mobile app (available for iOS, Android, Kindle).

Log in with your UpToDate account, and you are ready to go!

NOTE: You will get an email every 90 days prompting you to verify your account to renew your mobile access.


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