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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

NRC 100 Environment and Society

Fish ecology and conservation assignment

Types of sources you will need for your assignment:
at least one popular or news article 
- at least one scientific journal article and

- at least one other type of source (this could be a government report, an NGO or non-profit report, encyclopedia, trade journal, or a book)

Resources for writing

Databases for finding articles

The first three resources will help you find popular articles as well as other content.

CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the non-partisan public policy research arm of the United States Congress.

CRS experts prepare reports to assist members of Congress throughout the legislative process providing background information and data on public policy issues.

How to cite a CRS report APA 7th edition:
Author, A. A. (Year). 
Title of report in sentence case and italics (CRS Report No. xxxxxxx). Retrieved from Congressional Research Service website: URL

Erwin, M. C. (2011). Intelligence issues for Congress (CRS Report No. RL33539). Retrieved from Congressional Research Service website:

Using a citation manager

Sometimes you need to create a citation on the fly, while other times, your writing will be more complicated and involve citing several items and keeping track of sources.  For this type of work, use a citation manager.

To decide which citation manager to use:  Citation Manager Comparison Chart

The Libraries offer workshops on the different citation managers:  Libraries Events Calendar