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Literature Review Tips & Tools

On this guide, we share tips for doing any type of comprehensive literature review and tools that can help in the process.

Guide Overview

This guide contains tips and tools to help in performing literature reviews.

For help with your specific topic, please reach out to the librarian for your department or program. If you don't know who that is, check our Find Your Librarian page.

To learn more about databases and other resources in your subject area, look for a research guide.

Literature Reviews

The resources below from the Writing Centers at UMass Amherst and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers descriptions on what a literature review is and some tips for how to write one.

Wondering how a literature review is different from a systematic review or a scoping review or a meta-analysis or another type of review? The article linked below describes 14 different types of review articles. The text is pretty dense, but Table 1 on pages 94-95 provide a summary. (UMass Amherst login required to access article.)

Need some help on how to interpret a research study? This brief from the Guttmacher Institute was written about social science research, but most of the questions to ask apply to all types of research.

Literature Review Workshop Slides, 3/10/2021