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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Spanish-language Media & Latinx Cultural Production

Library guide to courses taught by Professor Jayne Reino Fall 2017 and Professor Mari Castañeda, Spring 2012, Fall 2010

We order for you

Use your Interlibrary Loan account to:

  • Borrow books, videos, and other materials not available in the Five College system.
  • Request electronic copies of articles and book chapters not available at UMass.

In databases, and in your Refworks account, use the button to  taken directly to Interlibrary Loan, so you can order articles if UMass does not have them.

Search Strategies

Sometimes you need to try different terminology in the same database or catalog, when searching for information on US Latinos. For example:

  • Latinxs
  • Latinos
  • Hispanics
  • Latino
  • Hispanic
  • Hispanic American
  • Latina women
  • Spanish-speaking


It is also a good idea to search by the specific nationality or Latino community as well: For example:

  • Puerto Rican
  • Dominican
  • Cuban
  • Mexican American
  • Chicano
  • Chicana
  • Central American
  • Salvadoran
  • Colombian


Accent on accent marks

If accent marks don't transfer correctly, you can edit them yourself.

On a PC, use these keys

-alt- and 130 for é

-alt- and 160 for á

-alt- and 161 for í

-alt- and 162 for ó

-alt- and 163 for ú

-alt- and 164 for ñ

-alt- and 168 for ¿

-alt- and 173 for ¡


On a Mac, use these keys

-alt- and e, followed by e for é

-alt- and e, followed by a for á

-alt- and e, followed by i for í

-alt- and e, followed by o for ó

-alt- and e, followed by u for ú

-alt- and n, followed by n for ñ

-alt- and -shift- and ?/ for ¿

-alt- and for ¡