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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Japanese 532: Media Japanese

NHK News Web Easy

This is a marvelous offering from NHK. The text is simplified with definitions for difficult terms provided as pop-ups. You can also listen to an announcer reading the text. There is a video clip of the same story being presented by a television announcer, and finally a link to the original source text so that you can read in depth once you have the terminology and background. 

Try to read one news article a day. Your Japanese skills will progress, I promise you.


This is a really fabulous time to be learning (or maintaining) Japanese. There is absolutely no reason to limit yourself to what you can learn in your textbook or complain that you have forgotten everything you learned while you were in Japanese because you are back in the States. Even if you are living deep in the woods (like I am), as long as you have an internet connection you can access current and varied Japanese language resources through print, audio and video. This guide is an attempt to introduce you to some of the resources that are available. Once you get started you will find many more better suited to your own interests.

Have fun and happy exploring.