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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Using SAE Mobilus

This guide will explain how to use the various resources available on the online SAE Mobilus site. You can search various standards, technical papers, journals, and other resources from SAE.

Getting Started

SAE Mobilus is the platform that provides our current subscribed content from the Society of Automotive Engineers.

  Choose "My Access" on the left sidebar menu  and then click on "Apply" 

to display content available through the UMass Amherst subscription.  This includes:

Ground Vehicle Standards (also called J-Standards/Reports) (1927 - 2018)

STAPP Papers (1966- 2017) aka STAPP Technical Reports Collection

SAE e-Journals (2018 - present)

AEI Digital Library (Automotive Engineering) aka Automotive Engineering International magazine


Also watch SAE Mobilus Overview on YouTube or read SAE Mobilus User Guide

Searching SAE Standards

Numbering System for SAE Standards

All SAE Standards begin with letters. Ground Vehicle Standards start with J; Aerospace Standards start with AS, AMS, AIR and ARP. Standards often have various iterations and updates in different years.

SAE Ground Vehicle Standards are also called J-Papers or J-Reports because the standard numbers begin with J. The year of the standard is inside its number. For example: 

  • J585_200802 Tail Lamps
  • J513_199901 Refrigeration Tube Fittings

 "Current" and "Historical" standards: The number of the standard changes with the year it was released, but the title does not.

Our holdings for Ground Vehicle Standards:

UMass Amherst has access from 1927→ 2017 to Ground Vehicle Standards in SAE Mobilus. 

SAE Handbook 1957, 1965, 1969, 1974, 1978, 1986 - 2005 in Science and Engineering Library Stacks at call number TL151.S62.


borrowed from: 

SAE Technical Reports - STAPP Papers

Stapp Car Crash Journal

The Stapp Association is dedicated to the dissemination of research findings in impact biomechanics, human tolerance to impact trauma, and crash injury protection. This is achieved primarily through the annual Stapp Car Crash Journal and associated conference. 

There is a selection of Technical Papers published in the Stapp Car Crash Journal. 

To find Stapp papers inside SAE Mobilus, type in their title in the search bar. 

To simply browse papers from the Stapp Car Crash Conference, enter "Stapp Car Crash" and change the dropdown option to "Meeting Name" before hitting SEARCH.

Our holdings for STAPP Car Crash papers: 

UMass Amherst has access from 1966→ 2017 for STAPP papers in SAE Mobilus.

Other SAE Technical Reports:

If you need other SAE Technical Reports for your research, please use ILL or contact a librarian.


borrowed from:

SAE Journals

UMass Amherst has both online and print editions of a number of SAE Journals.  Some can be accessed from SAE Mobilus, others are available from UMass Amherst E-Journals (on UMass Libraries website), and there are SAE Journals in print which are located in the Science and Engineering Library.  


To access SAE journals on SAE Mobilus:

From the "Home" page, click on "Search" make sure to choose "My Access" and then click "Apply" from the left handed menu.  Scroll down to "Journal Articles" and click on that, then click "Apply" again.  All full text SAE journal articles available from SAE Mobilus should be listed.

It is possible to view and annotate SAE online journal articles for your research.  To use this feature, sign up for the free SAE Dashboard.  From the Home page, click on "Dashboard" and enter in your UMass email.  This dashboard is customizable and has features that allow you to set alerts when content you want to see appears on SAE Mobilus and also has useful features like being able to annotate online journal articles for your research.

Automotive Engineering International Magazine (AEI Digital Library)

UMass Amherst has online access via SAE Mobilus of AEI Digital Library which has AEI magazine issues available.  UMass Amherst also has print issues of AEI available in our catalog.