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Japanese Reading Ladders - Murakami Haruki

Do you want to read Murakami Haruki in Japanese, but don't feel ready to tackle a full length novel? We have lots of other options for you.

Haruki Murakami 9 stories

This series presents some fascinating challenges to language learners who want to tackle Murakami, but but either don't want to commit to reading anything long or are more interested in graphic novels than texts. These graphic novels are based on stories written by Murakami that have been adapted by a French writer and then turned into a graphic novel by another French artist and then translated back into Japanese. So much to unpack:)  Information from the publisher and interviews in Japanese are available on their website.  There are also interviews with Deveney available online in English and some of the sample pages done by the artist PMGL of the Superfrog comic. 

For the purposes of the UMass Tadoku Collection, I have labeled these as Tadoku Level 8. This is the highest level in our Tadoku Collection and these materials would normally belong in our regular research collection, but I want to encourage language learners to find them easily through browsing. 

I believe Rubin did the English translations of the original stories and published them in the New Yorker. I seem to be able to access them online without a subscription (staying within the number of free articles per month).