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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Newspaper Collection: US Newspapers by Historical Event

Newspapers: Civil War, 1861 - 1865

State & City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
Hartford The Hartford Courant 1764-1990 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
Chicago The Workingman's Advocate 1863-10/1877 UM Microfilm A933
Nauvoo The Times and Seasons 1839-1946 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 40
Vincennes The Stars and Stripes and Old Post Union [1862] Online: Accessible Archives
  Vincennes Gazette 1855-1869 Online: Accessible Archives
  Vincennes Times [1865-1866] Online: Accessible Archives
  The Vincennes Weekly Western Sun [1857-1865] Online: Accessible Archives
  Weekly Vincennes Gazette 1863-1866 Online: Accessible Archives
  The Weekly Vincennes Western Sun [1857-1865] Online: Accessible Archives
Amherst Hampshire and Franklin Express 09/13/1844-01/20/1865 UM Microfilm A338
  Hampshire Express 01/27/1865-04/30/1868 UM Microfilm A338
Barre Barre Gazette 05/1839-1862 UM Microfilm A1040
Boston Boston Evening Transcript 1854-09/1866 UM Microfilm A165
  The Liberator 01/07/1859-12/26/1862 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 398
    01/02/1863-12/29/1865 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 399
    1831-1865 Online: Accessible Archives
    1862, 1864-1865 UM E 449 L678 Oversize
  The Pilot 1858-1865 Online: CRL
Fall River Daily Evening News 1863-1881 UM Microfilm A254
  Fall River News 04/1851-03/1865 UM Microfilm A255
Greenfield Gazette and Courier 1841-07/1899 UM Microfilm A1202 Reels 5-23
Northampton Hampshire Gazette 01/04/1820-1917 UM Microfilm A668
Pittsfield Berkshire County Eagle 1861-1863 UM Microfilm A1318
New York      
Albany Albany Evening Journal 1830-1865 UM Microfilm A171
  The Argus 05/1865-12/1865 UM Microfilm A179
  The Atlas and Argus 02/1856-05/1865 UM Microfilm A179
New York Christian Inquirer 10/02/1858-12/10/1864 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1887
  Demoriest's New York Illustrated News 01/1864-08/1864 UM Microfilm A881
  National Anti-Slavery Standard 1840-1870 Online: Accessible Archives
    1840-1870 UM Microfilm A182
  New York Daily Tribune 04/1842-04/1866 UM Microfilm A172
  New York Herald 1861-1865 Online: Accessible Archives
  New York Illustrated News 11/1859-01/1864 UM Microfilm A881
  New York Observer 1833-1919 UM Microfilm A83 Reels 1856-1874
  New York Times 09/18/1851- UM Microfilm A1
    1851-2012 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
  Spirit of the Times 02/1837-06/1861 UM Microfilm A83 Reels 620-640
  Wilkes' Spirit of the Times 1859-06/1868 UM Microfilm A322
Rochester Douglass' Monthly 1859-1863 UM Microfiche 297
    1858-1863 UM Microfilm A364
    01/1859-08/1863 Online: Accessible Archives
    1859-1863 Online: African-Am. Newsp: 19th Cent.
Cleveland Cleveland Daily Plain Dealer 1845-1886 UM Microfilm A173
Chester Delaware County Republican 1833-1870 Online: Accessible Archives
Media Delaware County American 1860-1871 Online: Accessible Archives
Philadelphia The Christian Recorder 1861-1902 Online: Accessible Archives
    01/19/1861-06/1865 Online: CRL
West Chester The American Republican [1861] Online: Accessible Archives
  Village record 1818-1870 Online: Accessible Archives
South Carolina      
Charleston The Charleston Mercury 1860-1865 Online: Accessible Archives
  South Carolina Leader 10/07/1865, 10/21/1865 Online: CRL
    12/09/1865-12/23/1865 Online: CRL
Nashville The Colored Tennessean 08/12/1865, 10/07/1865-10/14/1865 Online: CRL
Salt Lake City Mountaineer 08/27/1859-07/20/1861  UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 38 
  Union Vedette 1863-1867 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 42
Richmond Richmond Enquirer 1861-1865 Online: Accessible Archives