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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Dissertations & Theses

A guide for graduate students preparing to submit their theses and dissertations to ScholarWorks.

Creating a ScholarWorks Account

Navigate to ScholarWorks and click the My Account link in the top right corner

Screenshot of ScholarWorks with My Account link circled

The Graduate School asks that you use a non UMass email address  for your ScholarWorks account.  This ensures that we'll be able to reach you throughout the submission and review process.  It also means that you will continue to receive your monthly readership reports after your UMass email address is no longer functional.  

If you have previously submitted content to ScholarWorks with a UMass email address, you can update your account email by choosing the "Edit Profile" option on your "My Account" page after logging in. If you are unable to do this, please email to have your accounts merged to a non-UMass email.

Screenshot of My Account page with Edit Profile link circled





If you have not submitted content to ScholarWorks before, please click on the blue "Sign up" button under "Create new account"

 Account login and creation page from ScholarWorks

Enter the required information on the account creation page and click "Sign up" at the bottom of the page.

If you already have an account associated with a non-UMass email, please login with your full email address and password.


Where to Submit

Once you are logged in, click on the Home link in the top right corner.

Screenshot of ScholarWorks with Home link circled


Click on Dissertations and Theses (under Browse Research and Scholarship).

We've created a bulleted list with links directly to the submission form that you'll need based on whether your submitting a dissertation, thesis, or English MFA thesis:

screenshot of ScholarWorks with bulleted list containing specific submission form links

If you navigate directly to Doctoral Dissertations, click the "Submit Dissertation" link in the righthand menu (under Author Corner).

screenshot with submit dissertation circled








If you navigate directly to Masters Theses, click the "Submit Thesis" link in the righthand menu (under Author Corner).

For students in the MFA Program for Poets & Writers:

Your submission form can be found in the Author Corner on the MFA Program for Poets & Writers Masters Theses Collection page.

The Submission Form

Red labels denote a required field that cannot be skipped:
  • Title - enter your title exactly as it appears in your dissertation or thesis
  • Author - this is automatically completed based on your ScholarWorks account.  Click the little pencil icon if you'd like to edit it at all.
    • Please do not remove your email address.  Readers cannot see it, but we need it to complete the submission and revision process.
    • Please do not add your advisor or committee members as co-authors.
    • Please do not add your name twice with two different email addresses.

  • ORCID - enter your ORCID identifier using the full URL (ex.
  • Access Type (dropdown menu)
    • Campus Access for One Year
    • Campus Access for Five Years
    • Open Access (default)
  • Degree Name (dropdown menu)
  • Degree Program (dropdown menu)
  • Month Degree Awarded (dropdown menu)
  • Upload Full Text
    • Import file from remote site requires a direct download link to the file 
Recommended but not required fields
  • Abstract - gives context to your work when people find it in ScholarWorks; contributes to full-text searching and discoverability of your work.
  • Keywords - contributes to full-text searching and discoverablity of work.
  • Committee Members
  • Creative Commons License - defines what readers can do with your work.
  • If you do not require an embargo, leave the dropdown menu on its default option (No embargo required).




Submission Process

  • Complete the submission form
  • If you have supplemental content (such as data or appendices) that you would like to include with your ETD, select the checkbox under Additional Files.
    • Please do not upload signed signature forms or any graduation-related documents using the Additional Files field.  These items will be visible to the public when your work is approved and posted by the Graduate School.
  • Review all the information carefully before clicking the Submit button.
    • If you selected the additional files option, ScholarWorks will take you to a screen where you can upload additional materials immediately after you've clicked the Submit button.
  • Check your non-UMass email address for a confirmation of your submission to ScholarWorks.  Please be sure to check your junk or spam folder as ScholarWorks emails do occasionally get flagged as spam.