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Agriculture - Research Guide

Find material to support your agriculture research. Ask the Agriculture Librarians for assistance.

Want to get your hands dirty (and earn credit)?

Library Highlight

Click HERE for a wealth of information on the history of agriculture and related fields.

Also, check out Agriculture in New England Online Collection, 1811-1900 to find digitized historical works related to agricultural production in New England, crops and farming practices endemic to the region, and the varied roles that UMass has played.

And IMAGES too.

Campus Highlight

Informative and creative tree tour, led by Professor Jack Ahern.

Around Campus

Experience Highlight

Campus Highlight

Amherst Bulletin article about the UMass Agricultural Learning Center coming to North Pleasant Street in 2014. Also Amherst College is inviting proposals for a campus farm to connect students and faculty with local food and sustainable agriculture.

There has been a tenfold increase in the past seven years in the number of UMass students majoring in sustainable food and farming. Prof. John Gerber's class on sustainable living, which drew 35 students seven years ago, now enrolls 300 and would have more if the classroom were bigger.