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This guide introduces UWW students to research skills.


Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to learn more about the research process. On this page you will find some of the best tutorials to help students learn how to effectively do research and use the Libraries' resources. If you are looking for tutorials on a topic not highlighted here, please Ask Us. We are happy to work with you to find what you need for your class. 

Search Tips

Winona State University - Selecting & Using Keywords from Joshua Vossler on Vimeo.




This video explains how to find good keywords to use when searching for information in a database, such as Google or Academic Search Premier. (Joshua Vossler for Winona State University, 2016, 4:15 mins)

Tips and Tricks: Phrase Searching 




This video gives a quick overview on how to effectively search for a complete phrase. (North Carolina State University, 2015, 1:00 mins)

Using Google Scholar 



This video gives a quick lesson on how to most effectively use Google Scholar. (Eastern Michigan University, 2013, 2:41 mins) 

Using Google Advanced Search 



This video shows how to use Google's Advanced Search function for maximum search effectiveness. (Suffolk County Community College, 2013, 2:45 min) 


Scholarly Communication

Good Research Questions


Winona State University - Research Questions from Joshua Vossler on Vimeo.


This video explains what makes a good research question. (Joshua Vossler for Winona State University, 2016, 3:13 mins)

Peer Review in Three Minutes



This video gives an overview of the process of peer review and why it matters in academic research. (North Carolina State University, 2014, 3:15 mins) 

Academic Honesty, Copyright, and Citation

Using Other People's Ideas


Using Other People's Ideas from Joshua Vossler on Vimeo.


This video explains the differences between paraphrasing, summary, and quotation, and how to use each approach ethically in your writing. (Joshua Vossler for Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2015, 3:33 mins)

Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction 




This video goes over how and why to cite sources in academic projects. (North Carolina State University, 2014, 1:54 mins) 

A Fair(y) Use Tale 



A short film made up entirely of (fairly-used) clips from Disney films, which succinctly but entertainingly explains the definition of copyright, what can be copyrighted, copyright duration, the public domain, and fair use. (Eric Faden, 2007, 10:13 mins)

Plagiarism: How to Avoid It 



A short lesson on how to avoid plagiarism. (Bainbridge State College, 2010, 2:50 mins) 

Copyright, Fair Use, and Plagiarism 

A quick overview of copyright, fair use, and plagiarism for students. (Southwest Texas Junior College, 2014, 2:01 mins)

Creative Commons: Wanna Work Together? 



An overview of what Creative Commons licenses are and how to use them for your own creative work. (Creative Commons, 2009, 3:01 mins)  


Evaluating Information

Evaluating Sources for Credibility 



This video shows how to evaluate a sources for their quality and credibility. (North Carolina State University, 2015, 3:14 mins) 

Evaluating Sources 



This video gives an overview of the CRAAP test for evaluating sources. (Western University, 2012, 2:16 mins) 

Understanding Primary and Secondary Sources