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UMass Amherst Libraries


Chemistry Call Numbers

Find Library Materials by Call Number

The Library Catalog provides a call number and location for each item. The call number consists of an alphanumeric string based on the Library of Congress classification system. View an example of how to read a call number. Materials on Chemistry reside primarily in the QD call number area. Specific topics follow.

QD 1-999 Chemistry
QD 1-65 General
QD 71-142 Analytical
QD 146-197 Inorganic
QD 241-441 Organic
QD 415-436 Biochemistry
QD 450-801 Physical and Theoretical
QD 901-999 Crystallography

Related call number areas:

TP 1-1185 Chemical Technology
TP 155-945 Chemical Engineering, Manufacture, and Industries
TP 1080-1185 Polymers and Polymer Manufacture