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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Japanese 391M/591M: Queer Japan in Literature and Culture

Greetings from your librarian!

Queer Japan in Literature and Culture is an upper- and graduate-level seminar that will examine how non-normative sexualities—especially same-sex sexualities and erotic desires—have been expressed in Japanese literature and culture from the time of the Edo/Tokugawa period (1600-1868) up to and including contemporary times.

This library guide has been designed to help those of you registered for this course, and anyone else interested in the topic, to be able to find and locate research materials to supplement assigned readings and for your own projects. Not only do you need to think about where to look for your materials, but you must think hard about the terms that you use when you do your reading and searching. The library catalog and some of the databases may be using outdated vocabulary, so be sure that you use both keywords and controlled vocabularies during your search process.

Please feel free to email me or come by to get help with your research. Also, I would love to hear about your successes and failures, and if you discover fabulous resources please tell me about those too.