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Course Guides - by Academic Department and SPIRE Course Number

Afro-American Studies
COMP-LIT 387H: Myths of the Feminine LEGAL 397L: Citizenship - Histories of Race
AFROAM 117: Survey of African American Literature 1 COMP-LIT 393E: The Graphic Novel
LEGAL 397M: Law, Society and Islam
AFROAM 133: Afro-Am History, Civil War to 1954 Economics LEGAL 397N: Law and Public Policy
AFROAM 170: Minority Experience American Life ECON 367: Post-Independence Africa LEGAL 397P: Makin'it and Fakin'it: Legal Fictions
AFROAM 188: Intro to African American Literature ECON 397: Agricultural Change & Globalization LEGAL 450: Legal Research and Writing
AFROAM 236: History of the Civil Rights Movement Education
LEGAL 491W: Muslim Women and the Law
AFROAM 331: Life & Writings of W.E.B. Du Bois EDUC 617: Law and Higher Education LEGAL 497K: Human Trafficking
AFROAM 365: Composition: Style & Organization EDUC 618: Law for School Leaders Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
AFROAM 491C: Cuba - A Social History English Engineering 113: Intro to Mech. & Ind. Engineering
AFROAM 652/234: Literature of the Harlem ENGLISH 499C/D-2: Becoming Animal Microbiology
AFROAM 691C: Historiographical Methods ENGLISH 891: African Am. Women Playwrights MICROBIO 360: Writing for Microbiology
AFROAM 692G: African Am. Women's Narrative
English as a Second Language
Music & Dance
AFROAM 753/290: The Blues ESL 130: Advanced Composition MUSIC 595J: History of Jazz
AFROAM 797: African Americans, Abolish Slavery Environmental Conservation Native American Indian Studies
HISTORY 593: African Americans Antebellum NE NRC 409: Nat. Resource Policy & Administration ANTHRO 270: North American Indians
NRC 564: Wildlife Habitat Management HONORS 392X: Visions Revisions
ANTHRO 220: Intro. to Native American Studies NRC 571: Fisheries Science & Management HONORS 499C: Violence Against Indigenous
ANTHRO 270: North American Indians NRC 597F: Conservation Genetics Natural Sciences, College of
ANTHRO 271: Human Evolution French Studies NATSCI 190: Icons I: Global Challenge
ANTHRO 364: Problems in Anthropology FRENCHST 303: Writing on Language NATSCI 387: CNS Junior Writing Course
ANTHRO 497I: Lang. Revival, Cultural Politics History Philosophy
Architecture and Design HISTORY 151: American Civilization Since 1876 PHIL 394A: Action Theory
ARCH-DES 541: Analysis & Representation II HISTORY 242H: American Family in History Plant, Soil and Insect Sciences
ARCH-DES 597: Researching Historic Structures HISTORY 315: The Russian Empire PLSOILIN 126: Insects and Human Society
ARCH-DES 670: Research Forum HISTORY 317: The Russian Revolution PLSOILIN 280: Herbs, Spices, Medicinal Plants
Art History
HISTORY 331: English History - 17th Century PLSOILIN 297D: Traditional Herbal Medicine
ART-HIST 190A: Art, History, Environment HISTORY 341: The Ottoman Empire PLSOILIN 380: Technical Writing
ART-HIST 313: High Renaissance - Mannerist Art HISTORY 346: Twentieth-Century China PLSOILIN 397C: Community Food Systems
ART-HIST 370: Junior Year Writing - Caravaggio  HISTORY 393RM: History of Medicine PLSOILIN 397M: Marketing for Green Industry
ART-HIST 391B: Death in the Roman Empire HISTORY 394DH: Dictators in Latin America PLSOILIN 596D: Medicinal Plants
Biochemistry HISTORY 450: Trials in European History Political Science
BIOCHEM 295/420/491H: Proteins HISTORY 497/697: History of Popular Science POLISCI 250: Citizenship in the Nuclear Age
Building & Construction Technology HISTORY 591: History Writing POLISCI 253: International Environmental Politics
BCT 597P: Project Mgmt. - Design & Construction HISTORY 591T: Trials in History POLISCI 255: American Foreign Policy
Civil & Environmental Engineering HISTORY 592A: The Scramble for Africa POLISCI 354: International Relations
CEE 490A: Sustainable Design HISTORY 593: African Americans, Antebellum NE POLISCI 356: International Law
CEE 597N: Environmental Nanoscience HISTORY 593M: Mexican Expulsions in the U.S. POLISCI 397M: Is Democracy Possible?
CEE 697: Sustainable Transportation HISTORY 593S: The Spanish Civil War Regional Planning
Classics HISTORY 594Z: Black Women’s Activism REGIONPL 591G: Housing & Public Health
CLASSICS 202: The Age of Augustus Japanese Service Learning
College Writing JAPANESE 497A: Readings - Modern Japanese I SRVCLRNG 393: Community Service Learning
ENGLISH 112: College Writing JAPANESE 497C: Readings - Modern Japanese II Sociology
Commonwealth College JAPANESE 499C: The Samurai SOCIOL 197L: Latin American Society
HONORS 191E: Emerging Scholars Seminar JAPANESE 536: Advanced Modern Japanese SOCIOL 291L: Latin American Societies
HONORS 201H: Commonwealth Honors Seminar Journalism Spanish
HONORS 292D: American Diversity JOURNAL 391T: Travel Writing SPANISH 320: Literary Currents - Spain
HONORS 292S: Engaging with the Community Judaic & Near Eastern Studies SPANISH 797: Mexico
HONORS 292T: America - Turn of the Century JUDAIC 344: Film and Society in Israel Stockbridge School of Agriculture
HONORS 391: History of the Book & Printing JUDAIC 354: Jewish Theatre and Film STOCKSCH 290U: Urban Agriculture
HONORS 391D: The Beats: On the Road & Howl JUDAIC 390: Popular Cultures Israel & Palestine STOCKSCH 297: Ethnobotany of the Renaissance
HONORS 392X: Visions Revisions Non-fiction Kinesiology STOCKSCH 397: Student Farm Management
HONORS 499C: Violence Against Indigenous KIN 100: Introduction to Kinesiology Theater
HONORS 499C: American Indians & Tribes Landscape Architecture Theater 130: Contemporary Playwrights of Color
Communication LANDARCH 591 Sustainable Green Infrastructure University Interdepartmental
COMM 397: International Film Stardom ENVIRDES 291: Seminar - Environmental Design UNIVRSTY 197PSIS1 Healthy Foods
COMM 497F: Spanish-language Media & Latina Languages, Literature, & Culture University without Walls
Comparative Literature SPANISH 313: Junior Year Writing UWW 397A - Sustainable Entrepreneurship
COMP-LIT 335: Comic Art in North America Legal Studies UWW 397P - Permaculture Design