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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

W.EB. Du Bois Library 720 Experimental Classroom

This guide supports the use of the LIBR 720 Experimental Classroom.

Using the 720 Experimental Classroom

720 left sideThe 720 Experimental Classroom is designed for a smaller class of 30 or fewer and features specialized furniture. Three levels of table and chair configurations replicate tiered seating, with the lowest level being soft seating. All chairs and tables are movable. The room features a projector and 6 large movable monitors. A lecture-capture system (Echo360) has also been installed in the room. The room includes an iPad cart with 16 iPads, laptop cart with 15 Dell Latitude and 15 MacBook laptops for student use.

Computers Available:

  • Dell Latitude E7470 laptops
  • 15 MacBook Pro laptops
  • iMac instructor station (dual-boot)720 front

Additional Equipment:

If you need assistance with the technology in 720, please contact the student consultant working in room LIBR 719. IT student staff are available to assist users during the following hours: 720 left side

  • Sunday, 2pm-10pm
  • Monday-Thursday, 8am-8pm
  • Friday, 9am-5pm

Outside of normal hours, you can alert IT to a problem by emailing, and an IT staff member will investigate your question or technical difficulty during regular hours.

If you need more information about teaching in 720, send an email to