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Citation Managers at UMass

Keeping your RefWorks account


I'm about to graduate from UMass Amherst. How do I maintain access to my RefWorks account?

(a) Change your user profile to Alumnus/Alumnae. After logging into RefWorks, click on the arrow next to your name at the Top of the Screen

(b) then choose "settings" from the menu that appears, and change the role drop-down menu to "alumnus/alumnae"


I'm a graduate of UMass but never used RefWorks. How do I set up a RefWorks account for the first time?

(a) Register with 
the Alumni Association at 1-800-456-8627 or 

(b) Ask for an alumni e-mail (forwarding) account when you register with the Alumni Association   

(c) Once you've established an alumni e-mail address, you can use it to register for a RefWorks account at

(d) When you receive the activation email at the forwarding address, click the link to validate your RefWorks account

(e) When you are asked to complete your registration, please choose "Other" from the first drop-down list and "Alumnus/Alumna" from the drop-down marked "role"

(f) You are ready to use RefWorks