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UMass Amherst Libraries

HISTORY 450 China and US (JYW)

taught by Stephen Platt

Using Books During COVID

While the library's stacks are closed to you, finding exactly the right books is an even bigger challenge than normal. But that doesn't mean it is impossible or that you should not try.

We have always borrowed freely from the Five College Libraries and had them delivered to the UMass Library. Many of these physical books are currently unavailable because the libraries have turned on digital access to promote remote access, and copyright limits us to only providing access one way or the other. We have over 5 million items in our collection, so we can't turn on and off access title by title. Not everything has been tagged as HathiTrust though, so if the library catalog says that it is available, you can click on the button that says "Request Item" and either have it pulled for contactless pickup or sent to you by mail. Instructions are here

HathiTrust access is tricky but entirely doable. Instructions are here, but I am happy to walk you through it anytime. There are also digital copies of good books about China in a couple of different collections. These collections are indexed in the library's Discover interface, but if you find that search engine too noisy, I would recommend: 

ACSL Humanities E-Books

Proquest's Ebook Central