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Find Articles

Ready to search for articles in astronomy- and science-specific locations? Try using the suggested journal databases below:

Use Subject-Specific Article Searches

The following databases and search engines specifically target subject areas, so if you would like to look more deeply into a topic, try the links below!

Find Technical Reports

Find Books

Books in the libraries at UMass (and at many academic libraries in the United States and in several other countries) are organized by the standards set up by the Library of Congress. This system helps libraries classify and organize the books on their shelves. It's not always intuitive, but there are guides to help you learn how to decipher the system!

Most of the materials in Astronomy are in the QB call number area. See below for specific topics. And of course, try searching the catalog!

QB 1-991 Astronomy

QB 1-139 General
QB 140-237 Practical & Spherical Astronomy
QB 275-343 Geodesy
QB 349-421 Theoretical Astronomy & Celestial Mechanics
QB 455-456 Astrogeology
QB 460-466 Astrophysics
QB 468-480 Non-optical Methods of Astronomy
QB 495-903 Descriptive Astronomy
QB 980-991 Cosmogony, Cosmology

Find Data

Looking for data? Try these resources:

Theses & Dissertations

Help with Journal Acronyms

Sometimes, you'll find that journal titles are abbreviated when looking over a list of references -- like ApJS, NAT, or ZAP. If you run in to these acronyms, take a look at the list of Journal Abbreviations used by the Astrophysics Data System -- this might help point you in the right direction. And if you're still stuck, ask a Librarian!