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UMass Amherst Libraries

Beyond Google: Integrating library resources into your research strategy

A template for librarians and faculty.

Meets ACRL Information Literacy Standard

Standard Two The information literate student accesses needed information effectively and efficiently.


Relevance: Preparation for [insert lecture/topic and/or date here]. Attendance is not required but you won't want to miss this dynamic experience! 

Goal: Finding images (moving or still) related to "insert topic here"

Exercise prep: You may want to view if you're not already familiar.

  • Choose from one of the search tools below.
  • Find a compelling image (moving or still) as it relates to "insert topic here." It might be positive (i.e. insert example) or negative (i.e. insert example). I use all these terms very loosely. 

Post to the group:

  • A link to the image (sometimes called a "permalink").
  • Briefly describe what thoughts/feelings this image(s) evokes in you.
  • Optional: Respond to another student's post(s)

Search tool options:

Films on Demand  - a library database for educational videos (URL provided at the bottom of each selection)

YouTube - open, free web

Or do a Google search for: "free image databases" and you'll see lots of options. For instance, I searched The New York Public Library's image collection and found [insert images and description here](You can use Google Images but why not try something different?)

Hint: Your keyword terms might include "insert keyword here" or "insert keyword here" or composting (positive) or consumerism or shopping or landfill or "garbage dump" (negative).

For your future perusal: The UMass Libraries subscribes to various image databases (the interfaces of which did not lend themselves well for this exercise).