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UMass Amherst Libraries

Beyond Google: Integrating library resources into your research strategy

A template for librarians and faculty.

Meets ACRL Information Literacy Standard

Standard Two The information literate student accesses needed information effectively and efficiently.


This assignment is based on [insert lecture/topic and/or date here]

Goal: Find a statistical source from a library database.

  • Go to the Library homepage 
  • Click on Databases
  • At the bottom of the page click on Statistics
  • Select ProQuest Statistical Insight 
  • Type "united states" [or insert another country] in the first field
  • Type another term(s) in the second field. For instance: "defense spending" (other ideas: "federal health care spending" "Social Security" "homeland security funding" "federal debt" "federal deficit")
  • Sort by DATE PUBLISHED (see radio button at the top)
  • Click on the title of one source from the result list which was published in 2009 or later.
  • Post the title, date and source of this information.
  • Include a short description of the contents. For example: "Annual report presenting DOD budget for weapon systems acquisition costs, FY2011-12 and proposed FY2013. Contains sections for 64 weapon systems, arranged by system type and service branch, each with nomenclature, description, contractor, mission, and table showing planned quantity and amount budgeted for procurement of system, R&D and testing and evaluation, and spares."

Post to the group:

  • A question based on [insert lecture/topic and/or date here].