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Beyond Google: Integrating library resources into your research strategy

A template for librarians and faculty.

Meets ACRL Information Literacy Standard

Standard Two The information literate student accesses needed information effectively and efficiently.

Interlibrary Loan

Register for InterLibrary Loan - so you can order books, articles and media from libraries around the U.S.

Using the Library Catalog

This assignment is based on [insert lecture/topic and/or date here]

Goal: Search for a book at one of the Five College Libraries using the Five College Catalog

  • Go to the Library's homepage.
  • Click on the tab Five College Catalog
  • Type in [insert theme here] or [insert theme here]
  • Select one relevant Book (not a thesis or journal)
  • Look at the Contents (chapters).
  • List the part(s) of the Contents that reflect how this book supports further exploration of [insert theme here]
  • If Contents are not listed, select a different book which does provide a list of chapters.

Post to the group:

  • Title, author and call number of the book (or indicate if it is an E-Book with no call number)
  • A question based on the book’s Contents that also relates DIRECTLY to the Lecture [insert lecture/topic and/or date here]