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Five Colleges Library Catalog

The catalog provides access to the holdings of the Five Colleges:

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Finding Books Using Subject Headings

Keyword searching may give way to useful SUBJECT HEADINGS (shown at the bottom of each online catalog result). You may click on these subject headings to see other items in the catalog indexed under the same term.  Or try a subject search using one of the following subject headings:

Acid rain
Agricultural conservation
Agricultural ecology
Agricultural pollution
Agricultural wastes
Agriculture -- environmental aspects
Air pollution
Alcohol as fuel
Alternative agriculture
Applied ecology
Architecture and climate
Beverage containers--Recycling
Biodiesel fuels
Biodiversity conservation

Biomass energy
Biomass energy industries
Carbon dioxide mitigation
Carbon offsetting
City and town living
Climatic changes
Coal ash sites
Coastal zone management
Conservation of natural resources
Conservation plants
Conservation projects (Natural resources)
Conservation tillage
Construction and demolition debris -- Recycling
Contaminated forests
Deep ecology
Deposit-refund systems
Desert conservation
Dwellings -- Energy conservation
Ecological disturbances
Ecological engineering
Ecological houses
Ecological integrity
Ecological landscape design
Ecological regions
Ecological risk assessment
Ecological surveys
Ecology in art
Ecology in literature
Economic development -- environmental aspects
Ecosystem health
Ecosystem management
Emissions trading
Endangered species
Energy conservation
Energy consumption
Energy crops
Energy crops industry
Energy industries
Energy policy
Environmental auditing
Environmental degradation
Environmental disasters
Environmental economics
Environmental education
Environmental engineering
Environmental engineers
Environmental ethics
Environmental forensics
Environmental geography
Environmental geology
Environmental geotechnology
Environmental health
Environmental impact charges
Environmental impact statements
Environmental indicators
Environmental justice
Environmental laboratories
Environmental law
Environmental law--Compliance costs
Environmental libraries
Environmental literature
Environmental management
Environmental mapping
Environmental mediation
Environmental monitoring
Environmental permits
Environmental policy
Environmental protection
Environmental quality
Environmental responsibility
Environmental risk assessment
Environmental sampling
Environmental sciences
Environmental testing
Environmental toxicology
Environmentally induced diseases
Environmentally sensitive areas
Forest biodiversity conservation
Forest degradation
Forest ecology
Fossil fuels -- environmental impacts
Game protection
Global environmental change
Global warming
Green marketing
Green movement
Green technology
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
Greenhouse gases
Habitat (Ecology)
Habitat conservation
Hazardous Waste Management Industry
Hazardous Waste Site Remediation
Hazardous waste sites
Hazardous waste treatment facilities
Hazardous wastes
Hazardous wastes -- Environmental aspects -- United States
Hazardous waste sites -- Environmental aspects -- United States
Human beings--Effect of environment on
Human ecology
Human ecology--History
Introduced organisms (Exotic species)
Island ecology
Invasive plants -- Control
Land degradation
Land use
Land use -- planning -- environmental aspects
Land use, Urban
Landscape architecture -- environmental aspects
Landscape protection
Liability for environmental damages
Livestock factories -- Environmental aspects
Marine pollution
Marine resources conservation
Mass media and the environment
Natural disasters -- Environmental aspects
Natural history
Natural resources
Natural resources law and legislation
Nature -- Effect of human beings on
Nature conservation
Ocean thermal power plants
Offenses against the environment
Oil spills
Organic wastes
Organic wastes--Recycling
Organic water pollutants
Ozone layer depletion
Pollution control industry
POLLUTION (use as keyword but not LC subject heading)
Population environmental aspects
Power resources law and legislation
Public lands
Radioactive waste disposal in rivers, lakes, etc.
Rain forest ecology
RECYCLING (use as keyword but not LC Subject Heading)
Recycling beverage containers
Refuse and refuse disposal
Refuse as fuel
Renewable energy sources
Renewable natural resources
Restoration ecology
Salvage (Waste, etc.) = Reclaiming and reusing equipment, parts, structures, etc.
Sanitary engineering
Sanitary landfills
Sewage disposal
Sewage disposal in rivers, lakes, etc.
Shore protection
Social ecology = relationship of humans to their sociocultural environment
Soil conservation
Solar energy
Solar heating
Strip mining -- Environmental aspects
Sustainable agriculture
Sustainable architecture
Sustainable buildings
Sustainable development
Sustainable engineering
Sustainable fisheries
Sustainable forestry
Sustainable living
Transboundary pollution
Transportation environmental aspects
Urban ecology
Volunteer workers in environmental education
Waste disposal in the ground
Waste disposal in the ocean
Waste disposal sites
Waste products
Waste products as building materials
Waste products as fuel
Water conservation
Water pollution
Water power
Water quality
Water resource development
Water rights
Water supply
Wetland conservation
Wildlife conservation
Wind power
Women and the environment
Women environmentalists

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Borrowing Policies

Circulation policies differ across the Five College Libraries. These links give information on what library materials circulate, who is permitted to borrow them, and loan periods at each institution.