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UMass Amherst Libraries


UMass Program & Courses

Selected Programs

Agriculture & Landscape Program (UMass Extension)
Sustainable Food and Farming Program

Sustainable Food and Farming - Summer Classes

Selected Courses

  • Beyond Organic Farming (Honors 391D)
  • Community Food Systems (PLSOILIN 397C)
  • The Cost of Food (Honors 391D)
  • Food and Culture (ANTHRO 397FD)
  • Food and Society (SOCIOL 392E)
  • Food Cultures (COMM 694A)
  • Food Justice and Policy (STOCKSCH 397P)
  • Foods that Prevent Disease (Honors 391D)
  • Global Food Systems (PLSOILIN 390G)  
  • Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants (PLSOILIN 280)
  • Hunger and Food Security (CSL 292S)    
  • Introduction to Permaculture Design (UWW 397P)
  • Student Forest Garden Enterprise (PLSOILIN 398B)
  • World Food Habits (Food Sci 102)


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UMass Permaculture Initiative

Learn more about the UMass Permaculture Initiative.

  • Lawns converted to edible, low-maintenance, and easily replicable gardens.
  • Cutting-edge initiative created by students and adopted and funded by UMass administration in 2010.
  • Collaboration between students, permaculture staff, UMass Dining Services, the Campus Sustainability Initiative, and many other departments
  • Demonstration of vision of a sustainable community and world "on the ground."

4-College Courses

Amherst College
Environmental Studies
Sample courses:

  • The Anthropology of Food
  • Food, Fiber and Pharmaceuticals
  • The Resilient Earth

Hampshire College
Environmental Studies & Sustainability Program

Sample courses:

  • Agriculture, Food & Human Health
  • Ecology, Agriculture & Society
  • Farming in American
  • Food, Health and Law
  • Sustainable Living

Mount Holyoke College
Environmental Studies

Sample courses:

  • Agriculture and Human Health
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable Development in West Africa

Smith College
Green Smith, Research & Academic Program

Sample courses:

  • Environmental Ethics
  • Feminisms and the Fate of the Planet
  • The World Food System