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UMass Amherst Libraries

Food Systems

Food systems resources -- including "local food" -- at the UMass Libraries and beyond.

4-College Courses

Amherst College
Environmental Studies
Sample courses:

  • The Anthropology of Food
  • Food, Fiber and Pharmaceuticals
  • The Resilient Earth

Hampshire College
Environmental Studies & Sustainability Program

Sample courses:

  • Agriculture, Food & Human Health
  • Ecology, Agriculture & Society
  • Farming in American
  • Food, Health and Law
  • Sustainable Living

Mount Holyoke College
Environmental Studies

Sample courses:

  • Agriculture and Human Health
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable Development in West Africa

Smith College
Green Smith, Research & Academic Program

Sample courses:

  • Environmental Ethics
  • Feminisms and the Fate of the Planet
  • The World Food System




UMass Program & Courses

Selected Programs

Agriculture & Landscape Program (UMass Extension)
Sustainable Food and Farming Program

Sustainable Food and Farming - Summer Classes

Selected Courses

  • Beyond Organic Farming (Honors 391D)
  • Community Food Systems (PLSOILIN 397C)
  • The Cost of Food (Honors 391D)
  • Food and Culture (ANTHRO 397FD)
  • Food and Society (SOCIOL 392E)
  • Food Cultures (COMM 694A)
  • Food Justice and Policy (STOCKSCH 397P)
  • Foods that Prevent Disease (Honors 391D)
  • Global Food Systems (PLSOILIN 390G)  
  • Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants (PLSOILIN 280)
  • Hunger and Food Security (CSL 292S)    
  • Introduction to Permaculture Design (UWW 397P)
  • Student Forest Garden Enterprise (PLSOILIN 398B)
  • World Food Habits (Food Sci 102)


See more details on SPIRE

Study Abroad in an Ecovillage

Sustainable Communities

Earn UMass Amherst credit studying in an international EcoVillage. Find out more about Living Routes programs and check out this video for an example of a program.