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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Comparative Literature 791N: Native American Indians & Contemporary Graphic Narrative Arts

Academic databases

Native American Studies can encompass the entire range of science, social science, and humanities dsiciplines. It's always best to tailor your searches to approrpiate databases. The Research Database page is very helpful--if you want to research political science in any way, you would click on that link; there are pages for history, sociology, anthropology, public health, arts, music, literature, etc.

Article databases

America: History and Life
Citations and abstracts for journal articles, dissertations, and book reviews relating to United States and Canadian history and prehistory, 1954-present.

MLA International Bibliography
An index to journal articles and other scholarly literature on literature, literary theory and criticism, linguistics, folklore, and (since 1996) film, 1920’s-present.

Film Literature Index
Citations to articles appearing in popular and scholarly film periodicals journals from 130 countries, 1976- 2001. Public access version.

Historical Abstracts
Citations and abstracts for journal articles, books and dissertations on world history from 1450 to present.

Core scholarly journals from a range of disciplines, dating from the earliest issue of each journal to a few years before present.

Bibliography of the History of Art
Articles, books, conference proceedings, dissertations, and exhibition and dealer's catalogs on European and American art and art history, 1973-present.

Art Index Retrospective
An index to articles and reproductions of works of art in art-related magazines, journals, yearbooks, and museum bulletins, 1929-1984.

Art Abstracts
An index to articles and reproductions of works of art in art-related magazines, journals, yearbooks, and museum bulletins, 1984-present

Academic Search Premier
A good starting point: articles from key journals in many scholarly disciplines, with some trade journals and magazines, 1975-present.

Academic OneFile
A large, interdisciplinary collection of scholarly, professional and trade journal articles, 1980-present.

Humanities International Complete
Journal articles in archaeology, classics, cultural studies, arts, philosophy, history, linguistics, and literature, plus literary magazines, 1975-present.

EHRAF Archaeology
Archaeology books, journal articles, and dissertations describing prehistoric life and archaeological sites across the world, 1983-present.

The full text of the 32 journals published by the American Anthropological Association, some dating back to the nineteenth century.

Anthropology Plus
The scholarly literature of archeology and anthropology (biological, physical, linguistic, social and cultural) in several languages, late 1800s to present.