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French & Italian Studies

Reference resources

Electronic reference

Reference books are usually encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, atlases, etc. They are intended to provide quick, reliable information, summaries of complex matters, and, very importantly, bibliographies--suggestions for futher reading.

These reference materials are invariably written by experts in their fields, so they are more trustworthy than Wikipedia--all have gone through a process of editorial review. For an illustrated explanation, see the Library Research help!  presentation, "What is a referred or scholarly article?"

Reference Sources

All print reference materials will be found in the Reference Area, Main Floor.

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Literary Criticism Indices

Bibliographie der französischen Literatur Wissenschaft REF Z2171.K63

French XX Bibliography REF Z2173.F7

Grand Dictionnaire Encyclopedique Larousse REF AE25.G63 1982

French Literature

Guide to French Literature REF PQ41.L48 1992

Modern French Literature REF PQ306.M57

Dictionnaire des Litératures de Langue Française REF PQ41.B4 1937

Concise Oxford Dictionary of French Literature REF PQ41.C6 1976

The New Oxford Companion to Literature in French REF PQ41.N48 1995

Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture    REF DC33.7.E53 1998

France Profiled: Essential facts on Society, Business and
Politics in France    REF DC33.7 .F723 1999

Dictionary of 20th Cebtury Culture: French Culture, 1900-1975    REF DC33.7.F726 1995

Dictionnaire des Intellectuales Français  REF DC33.7 .J85 1996

Dictionnaire de l’Histoire de France    REF DC35.D52 1999

Historical Dictionary of France     REF  DC35 .R39 1998

Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution, 1789-1799    REF DC147.H57 1985

Historical Dictionary of of the Third French Republic, 1870-1940   REF DC337.H57 1986

Historical Dictionary of World War II France    REF DC397.H58 1998, etc.etc.

Atlas de l’Histoire de France    REF DC35.5.A85 1996

Dictionnaire Historique de la Vie Politique Française au XXe Siècle    REF DC361.D53 1995

Le Dictionnaire Politique du Xxe Siècle    REF DC369.L35 2000

Encyclopedia of Modern French Thought.    REF DC33.7.E55 2004

Bibliographies (World Bibliography Series)
France    Z2161 .C45
Paris    DC707.C46 1998
Corsica    DC611.C81H8 1997

Le Monde Index    AI21.M6  1988+
Le Monde: Index analytique    AI21.M6  1944-1949,1965-1968
Le Monde [Microform]    A206  1944+
Le Monde diplomatique [microform] A776    1964-1991


Grand Dictionnaire Encyclopedique Larousse    REF AE25.G63 1982


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General Encyclopedias

Dizionario enciclopedico italiano. 12v. REF AE35.D516

Enciclopedia italiana. 35v. REF AE35.E56

Specialized Encyclopedias, Dictionaries & Guides

Italy: A Country Study. REF DG417.I887 1987

Italy Profiled: Essential Facts on Society, Business, and Politics in Italy. REF. DG441.I9 1999

A Concise Encyclopaedia of the Italian Renaissance. REF DG445.C66

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Culture. REF DG450.E53 2000

The New Century Italian Renaissance Encyclopedia. REF DG537.8.A1N48

Dictionary of Modern Italian History. REF DG545.D53 1985

Sicily (World bibliographical series). REF DG866.O44 1998

Italy (World bibliographical series). REF Z2341 .S66 1995

Who’s Who in Italy. 2v. REF CT1123.W62 1988

Reference Sources on Italian Literature

Dictionary of Italian Literature. REF PQ4006.D45 1996

Dizionario enciclopedico della letteratura italiana. 6v. REF PQ4066.D5

Letteratura italiana: Dizionario delle opere. 2v. REF PQ4006.L48 1999

Dizionario storico della letteratura italiana. REF. PQ4006.T96

Cambridge History of Italian Literature. REF PQ4038.C36 1999

Dizionario critico della letteratura italiana. 4v. REF PQ4057.D59 1986

Feminist Encyclopedia of Italian Literature. REF PQ4063.F45 1997

Italian Women Writers. REF PQ4063.I88 1994

Dizionario generale degli autori italiani contemporanei. 2v. REF PQ4113.D58

The Dante Encyclopedia. REF PQ4333.D36 2000