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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Open Educational Resources

Recipients of Open Education Initiative Grants

Faculty Name


Proposed Project

Link to Finished Project

Martha Fuentes-Bautista / Wayne Xu

Media Industries & Institutions / Comm 122

Update and integrate existing mini-lecture podcasts, & student blog entries on key class topics into "interactive lecture notes" to serve as the basis for the eventual development of an open textbook on “Media industries & Institutions.”


Stacy Giufre / 

Melina Anne Masterson

Elementary Italian I, Intensive Elementary Italian, Elementary Italian II / Italian 110, 120, & 126

Create an openly-licensed Italian textbook for Italian 110, 120. & 126.


Laetitia La Follette

Art History 100, 110, 115

PART 2: Continue transition of interactive, web-based e-text with exercises out of UMass-based Online Web Learning (OWL) system into open platform. Work will include the revision of content and critical multimedia practice activities in three remaining modules/chapters, along with an overall review of the entire e-text for possible edits, and if feasible, the identification of topics for future modules/chapters.


Matthew Sherwood

Data Analytics for Accounting Professionals / Sch-Mgmt. 704

Redesign course by adapting existing software packages and instructional materials to integrate with original instructional videos, assignments, case studies, and quizzes into one centralized resource.


Faculty Name


Proposed Project

Link to Finished Project

Forrest Bowlick

Natural Resources Conservation 585/Intro to GIS

Environmental Conservation 697K / GIS Programming

Geography 693/WebGIS

Edit, curate, revise, and package existing GIS course content in order to distribute with an open license and share on an accessible, public, repository. 


Jonathan Hulting-Cohen

Music and Dance / Classical Saxophone Performance & Chamber Music

Create an openly-licensed hybrid textbook/workbook for saxophone technique.


Margaret Krone

Psychology 356 / Psychology of Aging

Work with students to adapt existing psychology-related OER to create new openly-licensed human development textbook.


Laetitia La Follette

Art History 100, 110, 115

PART 1: Transition interactive, web-based e-text with exercises out of UMass-based Online Web Learning (OWL) system into open platform by: exploring alternative platforms and tools, reviewing and revising existing content for structure and accessibility.


Kari Loomis

Biology 283/General Genetics

Replace existing textbook with OER and utilize UMass-based Online Web Learning (OWL) system for homework system.


Brandi Perri

Sociology 105 / Self, Society, & Interpersonal Relationships

Sociology 222 / The Family

Sociology 287 / Sexuality and Society

Create "Sociological Imagination Library", an interactive open repository for sociology-related media and resources for students and instructors. 


Malcolm Sen

English 365 / The Literature of Ireland

Compile public domain Irish literature texts along with documentaries, films, podcasts, historical contextualization, and exercises into an openly-licensed online e-text.


Rhonda Tarr

French 110 / Elementary French I

French 120 / Elementary French II

French 126 / Intensive Elementary French

Revise existing french OER textbook and combine with new material, exercises, and additional french linguistic/cultural material. 


Danielle Thomas 

Spanish 311 / Advanced Spanish Grammar

Create new Advanced Spanish Grammar textbook from large volume of teaching materials developed over the past 10 years of teaching the subject.


Torrey Trust

Education 593A / Teaching & Learning with Technology

Work with EDU 593A (Teaching & Learning with Technology) students to create an open  "Innovating Teaching & Learning with Technology" textbook.

Teaching with Digital Tools and Apps 

Faculty Name


Proposed Project

Link to Finished Project

Elizabeth Brabec 

Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning/Sustainable Communities 543: History of Architecture and Landscape

Create a culturally-focused landscape history textbook focusing on historical minority communities in the United States today (North, South and Central indigenous American tribes as well as African, Indian and Pacific-Rim cultures).


Candice Colon-Kwedor/Ashley Woodman

Psychology 581/Applied Behavior Analysis

Create a free, publicly available registered behavior technician (RBT) training course/textbook incorporating video and quizzes.


Holly Lawrence

Management 200/Career and Professional Development

Assemble already created content into a cohesive career and professional development textbook.


David McLaughlin

Electrical and Computer Engineering 361/Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Convert already created lecture notes and lab exercises into a cohesive textbook.


Bryan Monesson-Olson

Biochemistry 100, 275, 426/ MyDNA, Molecular Bio, General Bio lab

Create 3D models of STEM content and create an online repository for their storage and accessibility. 


Alexandra Pope

Astronomy 100/Exploring the Universe

Utilize the OpenStax Astronomy textbook in combination with Perusall.


Daniel Sack

English 275H/Interactive Fiction: Performance, Play, and Games

Develop an online learning space with links to readings, contextual writings, and student reflections.


Brokk Toggerson

Physics 132/Intro Physics II

Create a localized version of the OpenStax Physics textbook for Intro Physics II.


Angela Roell

Stockbridge School of Agriculture 166/Practical Beekeeping

Collaborate with students to create a hybrid textbook/workbook that can act as an instructional guide, record keeping book and apiary planning & management tool for beginning beekeepers.

Radicalize the Hive book

Michael Wilson

Mechanical Engineering 597EP/ Engineering Information 


School of Management 797Q/ Project Management

Create an accessible, multimedia, digital project management textbook exploring project management methods used in current university and industry settings. 


Faculty Name


Proposed Project

Jerimiah Bentley

Isenberg School of Management/Accounting 331

Find/develop reading material needed to supplement free eBook and create a large bank of practice problems on Blackboard to replace existing elearning software.

Lori Astheimer Best

College of Natural Sciences/Psychology 330

Create detailed lecture slides with original open access visual materials, use excerpts from existing textbooks, and utilize articles from library databases.

Katie Kirakosian

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences/Anthropology 269

Create an Introduction to Archaeology in North America open textbook with a facilitation guide with lesson plans.

Michael Knapp

College of Natural Sciences/General Chemistry

Use the free OpenStax Chemistry textbook with the Perusall reading comprehension tool.

Karen Kurczynski

College of Humanities and Fine Arts/Renaissance to Modern Art

Utilize available sources from art databases such as Google Art, Khan Academy, Architecture Daily, and Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History.

Marc Liberatore

College of Information and Computer Science/Using Data Structures

Rewrite course lecture notes and assignments into a short, readable text and set of associated exercises and assignments.

Graciela Monteagudo

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences/Introduction to Radical Social Theory

Create original open source Introduction to Radical Social Theory textbook using the Pressbooks web publishing software.

Evan Ross

College of Natural Sciences/Junior Year Writing

Create an original hybrid textbook/workbook for Junior Year Writing classes.

Betsy Schmidt

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences/PubPolAdm 697, 497, 397, 197

Create a social enterprise network textbook using the Pressbooks web publishing software and use free online resources such as the BBC and Solutions Journalism Network.

Shubha Tewari

College of Natural Sciences/The Physics of Music

Compile and organize a set of supplemental readings, problems with solutions, and additional text or video to accompany portions of  lecture slides to use with Peusall and create select videos of demonstrations and lab activities with accompanying instructions, as well as curate videos created by students enrolled in the class. 

Ashley Woodman

College of Natural Sciences/Impact of Disabilities on Families

Create original open education textbook for an Impact of Disabilities on Families course.

Faculty Name


Proposed Project

Ysaaca Axelrod

Education/Human Development

Find readings/video on the web that cover material in current textbook.

John Brigham

Political Science/Intro. to Constitutional law

Replace textbook with free Government material from Supreme Court website, Wikipedia, Oyez, Library of Congress and National Constitution Center 

Thomas St. Laurent

Kinesiology/Introduction to Kinesiology

Utilize chapters, articles, and studies that give overviews of basic contents in lieu of textbook.

Shubha Tewari

Physics: Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics

Edit and organize existing video content, film and edit new video content, and organize test questions for video content.

Brokk Toggerson

Physics: Into. Physics I

Organize existing free resources in a central location to improve navigation for students and use Perusall, a new reading enhancement tool.

Daniel Wang

Astronomy/Exploring the Universe

Evaluate existing available open textbooks and modify them. Revise lecture slides, quizzes, homework, reading assignments, and exams.

Jonathan Wynn

Sociology/Intro. to Sociology

Identify open textbooks and develop a digital archive where materials can be housed online.

Faculty Name


Proposed Project

Philippe Baillargeon

French: Intermediate French I and II

Use public domain and library resources as well as free online newspapers.

Melba Jensen

English: American Literature to 1865 & others

Create eBook with public domain literature, use library articles, & have students create knowledge base.

Julia Choi

Kinesiology: Motor Control

Compile chapters from multiple textbooks & store on content management system.

Kimberly Dion

Nursing: Community Health Nursing IV: Community

Use library journals and state & federal websites.

Simos Gerasimidis

Civil & Environmental Engineering: Structural Stability

Use library and free online resources.

Sara E. Jackson

German & Scandinavian Studies: Advanced German

Collect free/open reading assignments, grammar exercises & work-sheets to accompany German-language films.

D. Joseph Jerry

Veterinary & Animal Science: Cancer Biology ; Carcinogenesis

Collaborate with colleagues in the field to create a downloadable free textbook from lecture materials.

Kinuyo Kanamaru

Geosciences: Global Environmental Change

Use recorded lectures, free online videos, scientific articles & open online educational applications.

Stefan Caris Love

Music & Dance: Intermediate Analysis

Use online music theory websites, YouTube videos. Create handouts and video/audio lectures. Have students compile all information on a wiki.

Bogdan Prokopovych

Management: Foundations of Sustainable Enterprise & others

Identify less technical articles available through library journals, and chapters of selected books. Identify alternative to Harvard Business School Publishing platform.

Mila Getmansky Sherman

Management: Financial Modeling

Work with PhD candidates to identify web-based materials and work with students to develop their own materials.

Jeffrey Starns

Psychology: Statistics in Psychology

Turn course slides into a stand alone textbook.