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Welcome to the UMass Libraries Guide for Zotero

Zotero is free and open source; usable by any researcher, regardless of UMass affiliation

Readily compatible with Windows, OS-X, and Linux operating system

Compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers

Compatible with Microsoft Word, and open source software like Open Office and Office Libre

Zotero Configurations

Zotero 3.0 comes in 2 configurations:

  1. Zotero for Firefox
      first download the latest version of Firefox

      then download the Zotero plug-in for Firefox
       Note - this configuration only works with Firefox

  2. Firefox Standalone
      download Zotero Standalone

      versions are available for Windows, OS-X, and Linux

      Plug-Ins are also available for saving citations using Google Chrome and Safari

      Note: There is no current configuration available for Internet Explorer

Magnifying Text

If you need to magnify the text of any of the Scribd windows, just click on the + button at the bottom of the window.

There are also printable quick start guides from OIT and the University of Massachusetts Libraries accessable by clicking the last tab "Printable Quick Start Guides" and clicking the link to the guide that you want to print.

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