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VT315 Veterinary Management: Presentation Guidelines and Topics

Presentation Project

You will choose from a list of topics provided for both presentations.

These will both be 8-10 minute presentations done with either PowerPoint or Prezi.




Presentation Topics

Hospice Care

Holistic / Homeopathic Medicine

Service Dogs – what types / where can they go?

PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

VTS classifications / requirements

Animal Rehabilitation (post sx)

ADA in regard to service animals

Online veterinary pharmacies

Employee Benefits packages

Compassion Fatigue

Biohazard waste management

Care Credit

Veterinary Malpractice 

Animal Abuse = laws

Time Management

Technician Licensure – what is it & who has it?

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Bullying in the workplace

Employee Appreciation in the workplace

Animal behavioral signals

Types of dog training

 Zoonotic diseases

Penn- Hip testing



Environmental enrichment for research animals

Horse slaughter in the US

Dealing with difficult co-workers (workplace bullies?)

Disaster preparedness for families with pets

How to deal with difficult people at work

Time management

Security in veterinary hospitals

Separation anxiety in dogs

Behavior assessment in shelter dogs

Cognitive dysfunction in older pets

How to read your paycheck - what are all these deductions??

Interviewing skills

Permanent ID for livestock

Family Medical Leave Act

Rabies Laws in Massachusetts





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