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VT303 Research Methods: Research Methods Final Project


You have just gotten a new job making BIG BUCKS at the Nullam Dolorem Sentire an approximately 67, 000 sq ft facility located Nahunta Georgia. It is to be constructed to meet AAALAC guidelines. Your job is to finish the facility and decide how and where the animals can be safely housed and start the first draft of the AAALAC site visit documentation. NDS is developing ways of controlling human and animal disease spread. It is a multi-specie facility. (HINT: use the GUIDE, all lecture handouts, and the CLAM books. These should contain a lot of the information you will need)

Project Committee

You may work in groups and submit ONE final for all team members. Be sure EVERYONE’S name is on it. Please keep in mind: this is a difficult project that will take many hours of work, choose your partners carefully and make sure everyone contributes. (I will not intervene if you are kicked off a team! If one member does not complete their portion of the project ALL MEMBERS will be held accountable!)




Do not use extra large binder. Use only 1 OR 1 1/2 inch binder

Do not add filler such as entire regulations.

The expectation is the part of the regulation you need to use will be described and specific in you room and animal descriptions.

IE do not stay APPROPIRATE PPE: State Because this animal Has XXX(or is covered by Regulation Y) we will use gloves, face shield, XXX, and XX(or we will house them XXX)

Do not get cute! Do not add Michele’s Office, library, other unlisted rooms. You will have empty rooms leave them empty. Cute gets you no points.

Your Final Report MUST contain all the elements listed below.

1)      List rooms with each type and number of animals used

a.       Types of caging

                i.  Includes: lid, filter frames, food hoppers, water bottles, autowater(remember if use auto water assume the correct lixit is available and do not list water bottles) If using a non-static caging technology remember the parts are different.

b.      Special considerations

                i.  ie: vent racks, positive flow work benches, autoclaves etc.)

2)      Room pressure for every room an corridor

3)      Number of animals per cage

4)      Justify and deviation from the GUIDE

a.      Such as  using pig housing for sheep

b.      Non Social housing

5)      Descriptions of handling, housing of exotics, or hazardous animals and any applicable regulations (including capturing, permits, PPE or any other safety or regulatory needs)

6)      Descriptions of special care for any of the diseases under study. Search each disease and learn what will be needed.

7)      For primates/exotics describe any unique housing you will design using materials provided. Be sure to take into consideration the habits, habitat and behaviors of the primates/exotics when creating this housing. Please list at least 3 websites that describe primate/exotic housing that has inspired you to choose the housing you did. Wikipedia is not acceptable.

8)      Technology you used as bio containment:

a.      Occupational Health and Safety as applicable

b.      PPE necessary for each room

c.      Biometrics or other access control devices when necessary

d.      Biosafety cabinets, showers, air showers, isolators

e.      Why biocontainment is necessary

Remember this is an original work. You may not cut and paste info as your descriptions you must write them DE Novo. Also all references should be in the APA format

The Purdue writing lab has an excellent site

 And there is an APP at

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