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Student Farm Management (I&II) course guide

Related research guides at UMass

Your Special Topics assignment

Use this guide to give you ideas about where to look for good information, and how to use it effectively and ethically.

For more help, please feel free to contact Naka or Madeleine (see box -->).

Examples of Special Topics

Consider consulting other broad subject guides related to your topic.
For example, the topic, using biodiesel fuel in farm machinery could have an agricultureengineering, or business focus.


Farm production practices, for example:
Companion planting
Root cellars
Season extension
Seed saving
Soils and cover crops

Try these databases:
 Agricola, CAB Abstracts, Plant Management Network

Farming as a business
Coop business models
Food marketing
Small business management 

Take a look at the Small Farm Business guide, or the Business subject guide and try consulting Business Librarian, Mike Davis

Broad topics (need to narrow)
Animal husbandry
Food  as culture (anthropology)
Food safety
Food systems
Nutrition (human or plant?)
Organic certification
Organic production
Pest management
Tools and equipment
Resource management

Consult one of us for help refining your topic!

Questions? Ask an Agriculture Librarian